Matcha Goodies at Family Mart [★]

January 31, 2014

I have mentioned before how I got to really really love Family Mart. The first time I entered one of its stores in Glorietta, I got fascinated with it because I like how they have unique items on the shelves, which are mostly products from Japan (because Family Mart is a Japanese franchise).

Recently, I was able to discover that the convenience store has a lot more to offer because they have a number of matcha-flavored goodies (to my utmost delight)! I have returned to the store several times to try all of them and I think it's time to share my story with these sweet delectables.

Green Tea Ice Cream

I think this is the most tried green-tea goodie here at Family Mart. At the price of Php25.00, you get yourself an unli-twirl serving of the green tea ice cream in a cone. I haven't found the right technique on how to make my ice cream really tall but I'm very well happy with the amount of ice cream that I can fill now on my cone. Yummy!

Lotte Matcha Green Tea Sasha Chocolate

I think this is the most expensive among this lot, but honestly I was not that impressed with the taste of it. I think only loyal matcha lovers would appreciate the taste of this one.

Lotte Ghana Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Sticks and Petit Choco Chip Matcha Cookies

The choco chip has a very distinct green tea taste with a kick of chocolate, courtesy of the bits in the cookie. The Ghana sticks also tasted very creamy because the green tea flavor is at one end, and the chocolate is at the other end.

Pocky midi Green Tea

This is my favorite among the goodies that I have bought from Family Mart! The matcha flavor that I am looking for is perfectly captured by each stick. I also love the packaging! Each box contains 12 sticks in total, which are further divided into three plastic packages inside.


This is very convenient, especially if you don't want to eat everything in one sitting.

I admit that I can't really resist anything matcha that even if these items were rather a little expensive, I had little hesitations in buying them. However I am still very much happy that I did purchase them all because I got to experience different flavors of matcha in those different products.

Among these, I think I would be repurchasing the green tea ice cream and the Pocky sticks. :D

Dear Family Mart, I hope you would have stocks of the Oreo Matcha Soft Cookies in the future. Pleaaaase??

Anyway, I guess I'll go back to Family Mart from time to time to see more of their matcha stuff there. (´(エ)`)

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