2NE1 Holds Successful Concert in Manila, Marks 5th Year as a Group [★]

May 25, 2014

I am very sure Filipino Blackjacks had a blast on last Saturday night's concert! Korean girl group 2NE1 graced the stage of the Mall of Asia Arena on May 17, performing their top hits for their fans here in the Philippines.

I highly anticipated 2NE1's concert here because I really love their songs and their personalities on stage. They are the only kpop girl group that I follow that's why I was so hyped up when I heard the news that they were including Manila in their All or Nothing tour. :D

The concert was one hell of a party! It was oozing with girl power! Since most of the songs of 2NE1 are danceable, everyone was jumping up and down their seats!

2NE1's AON Manila Setlist
They performed a total of 21 songs in the concert (well played number =)) ). They did rock versions and unplugged variations of their hits.

Dara's abs was an eye-catcher. I mean she already had a perfect face but she also was able to sport a nice body! Talk about perfection! I loooove her!

Dara's abs! 
I noticed that they didn't have their usual female backup dancers. They had handsome male dancers on stage instead. The Kwon twins catched the attention of a lot of the fans! Apparently these two are celebrated YG backup dancers. This was an extra treat for the fans! :D

One Kwon twin behind CL during the Baddest Female performance
CL really is the queen of kpop! She's full of swag singing and dancing to the music on stage. She's so pretty even if it was obvious that she was very uncomfortable with that fur dress that she wore on one number. My fangirling dreams have come true after being able to watch her perform live. :D

I love CL's makeup during the concert! The cat eyes and red lipstick did the trick!
Thanks to the huge efforts of the group's local fan club 2NE1PH, this concert became extra special to us. We can see that their clappers (which is part of their project) were all over the arena (though my sister and I didn't get one, perhaps because we arrived late, and uhm I think ours were taken by others already). Their fan projects (most of them) were a success!

the crowd at MOA Arena (just before the lights went out!)
Winner, a boyband group under YG, was also in the concert. They performed a handful of songs to the delight of their fans.

Winner on stage of MOA Arena
Some local actors also went up the stage as special guests during their 'I Love You' lap dance performance.

Dara's humility is very much heartfelt throughout her stay in the country to do promotions for the concert. She went to the Philippines a few days ahead of the other members to do guestings and appearances in local shows. She still was in touch with her Filipino celebrity friends and we saw their interactions on TV and on social media accounts online. It's really amazing that after achieving superstar status and worldwide fame, she still looks back to the place where all of it started. She still considers ABS-CBN (the local TV station where she became a talent) as her 'playground'.

I'm just a little disappointed with the concert because first, they didn't have solo stages (aside from CL). Second, they didn't actually stick to the intergalactic theme of their concert teasers. I was expecting to see references of this in their video presentations in-between performances but unfortunately, what they presented were random videos of the girls. What's worse was showing music videos of their songs! Hey I didn't go to their concert to just watch their Happy MV. Third, they didn't sing Falling in Love (well they did in the Charity Ball, but I didn't attend that)! But of course all in all, I enjoyed their stage. It's not everyday you'll see CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara perform live. :D

After the concert, I was yearning for more! If ever they return to the country, I want to get the best seats to see them rock the stage again. ;)

Check more photos from the concert below!

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