Diet Diva: Road to A Healthier and Better You! [❦ ~ #5]

May 25, 2014


In my continuing quest of living a healthier lifestyle, I have tried new things to change some unhealthy habits that I have.

Because Yoga Failed Me
First off, I enrolled again to this yoga studio that I have tried before, this time for a month-long pass. It was during the month of April up until through May and I must say the sessions really made me improve my flexibility. Though after more than 10 sessions, the improvement on my physique was far from obvious. What's worse was that I gained an extra 2 pounds. (;¬_¬) My friends told me that this might be because I gained muscle mass because of all the stretching that I did. Besides, yoga is not really focused on burning fats but on improving flexibility. I was just a little bit disappointed so I decided to not continue my yoga sessions at the meantime and see if there are other ways that would work for me.

The Search for Other Weight-loss Options
Good thing most of my teammates are also in the same boat as me. We all want to lose weight. One lunch, we had this conversation about trying out famous diet programs like the South Beach Diet, to name a few. Until one colleague mentioned this meal program that he once tried wherein they would deliver to you your meals for the day that follow their daily calorie plan. This is how I discovered Diet Diva!

It's a complete meal service that is healthy, affordable, and convenient! It's a 5-day meal plan (yup, a complete set of breakfast, lunch, and dinner + snack!) with the food delivered right at your doorstep. Each week costs P1900, which means each meal amounts to ~P125 only! That's just about the same price that I spend when we do lunch outs (even more I think) that's why I find Diet Diva a smarter choice for my meals.

No More Cooking in the Morning!
I usually bring my own lunch at work and preparing them at home is a real sacrifice. I wake up extra early to have time to prepare them, and it's an extra effort given that my reporting time to work is early already. My meal almost always consists of rice + anything fried anyway so it's really not that healthy. Availing the service of Diet Diva removed a huge load off my chest. I can wake up 30 minutes later than my usual morning alarm call. I get to do some eye makeup (I'm trying to imitate CL's makeup during their AON concert here in Manila hehe) which takes up several minutes, but I still end up arriving at the office earlier than usual! I love it! (人´∀`*)

First Week: May 19-23

The start is always the hardest part. The meals that we had are well-proportioned which filled up my stomach just right. I am used to eating until I feel I'm full, so I definitely felt the change on the start of this diet. It felt sad and frustrating at first but patience helped me to get through. It's really best to have a support group doing the diet together. At the office, there were four of us who availed of the Diet Diva service. We just spent the first few days ranting (a little bit hehe) about the food with each other. But on the third day onwards, life got easier for us. We were satisfied with the food and actually loved the snacks! :D

Result: I lost around 2 pounds! I'm so happy! T^T I'm glad it turned out this way despite of not being able to stick that much with the diet plan. I invested more on drinking fluids (water, juice, tea) when I felt like I'm craving something. Also coffee is A MUST for me every morning so I just could not skip that off my meal. It seems like this diet program has a positive effect on my body so I decided to subscribe for another week!

Second Week: May 26-30

(I'll update on the results next week! *crossing fingers for more positive results* )

The second week went a lot easier for me. My body got used to the proportion of the food I guess. Plus it was more fun because I had more people doing the diet with me. There were six of us this week. Doing this diet became a form of bonding activity with my colleagues somehow. We were always looking forward on what we would have on lunch and exchanged feedbacks on how the food tasted and if we liked it.

Result: I lost another 2 pounds! Yey!

As of this writing, I am going on my fourth week with Diet Diva. I have planned to continue this as long as I can, because I figured that this just not helps me lose (some more) weight, but it also takes me away from making unhealthy choices like eating in fast food restaurants and doing impulsive snack buying. Being on Diet Diva has made me more aware of the calorie amount of each food that I intake. When I go to the grocery now to pick up some food items, my instinct is to not only check the price but also to see how much calories this food actually contain. :)

Thank goodness I was able to discover an easy and effective way to be healthy. :D

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