Lamesa Dam + UP Diliman Photowalk + Photography Class and Contest [☾ ~ #30]

May 25, 2014

I felt the thirst for an adventure that made me join a photo contest at the office. I was serious about learning something new about the art of taking pictures. Good thing I have a buddy who felt the same. Together with Krishan (a colleague) with his friend Steve, we went to Lamesa Dam with the mission to capture the beauty of nature and show it to the world.

I have always wanted to take pictures inside UPD Campus but I never had the chance, until now. I already submitted my entry for the contest. Any outcome will suit me. I've learned a lot from the photo session.  I will try to go through the details, but for now, enjoy the photos on the slideshow above. :)

All the people who joined this contest at the office were given the chance to attend the basic and advanced photography classes. Some of the things I learned from there are the following:

* For handheld shots, recommended minimum shutter speed is 1/125 to avoid blurry photos.
* You don't always need to follow what's shown on the metering mode. Humans would know better than the machine.
* Spot metering mode is the best setting during concerts!
* For the photo composition, it's more effective to have a foreground object on landscape shots.
* Try using bracketing during sunrise and sunset photos to balance out the exposure of the light (sky) and the dark (land) parts.
* Research about stock photography (useful for astro photos!)
Mastering photography has always been one of my goals. This is one step towards it. Yay!

A month ago, the selected photo entries for the photography contest in the office were posted in one of our office floors. 

entries in the photo contest
my entry! :D
Winners have already been announced, and one of my friends was among the winners! Congrats again Krishan!

See more of his amazing photos in IG: @engr_v

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