Sky Watch: Crescent Moon and Constellations [☾ ~ #31]

June 15, 2014

I took these photos early January this year. It was a clear night so I took advantage and grabbed the camera with the tripod.

There's the moon!

closeup shot
A crescent moon is my favorite. The camera was not able to capture the beauty of it because it was having difficulty capturing the faint light from the moon.

It's another thing for constellations. The picture below is captured in a different date, a moonless night.

I see Orion!
I've photographed Orion in the past and it's been a while.

Lepus gets captured too, apparently. Hover the image to see the constellation lines and labels.
I can't seem to locate the stars in Gemini though. We can see a glimpse of the Great Nebula in Orion too. Yay!

This is the largest number of constellations I have captured in one image. It would have been nicer to span the horizon to scope more stars. I would be needing another kind of camera (fisheye!) for that.

The rainy days have come so I guess I won't be having starry night sessions in a while.

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