First Times [❁]

June 15, 2014

It's always nice to experience something for the first time. There are lots of things learned and a new mindset is always created after the experience. This week was packed with a lot of these, and I am happy to have dared myself to do them.

Saw a Movie Alone
Whenever I hear friends say that they went to the cinema alone, I always felt dumbfounded. Seeing movies has always been a social thing to me. It's an activity best done with someone because surely after the end credits, you'll want someone to talk to and exchange opinions with about the film you have just watched.

Though slowly, I got acquainted with the idea, even got amused. Then I thought, why not try this myself? That's what I ended doing Monday night of the week.

And I think I chose the worst film to see alone - a tear-jerking love story.

The experience was not as bad as I imagined it to be. At first it was a bit awkward, because people in groups started to fill up the seats, and obviously I was just on my own because both sides of my seat were empty. No one cared really (just me haha) and soon enough, all the seats were filled. When the lights went out, it felt more natural, just like my every visit to the cinema. I felt more freedom in crying (I shed a lot of tears) and it was not surprising that I looked like a huge mess upon leaving the theater. I'm glad no one was with me so I cared less and just walked my way home.

Will I do this again? Yes, because the experience gave me the same feeling I get when traveling alone (which is something that I want to do also in the near future :D). Going to the cinemas is like doing a trip to the fantasy world. I think I just need to change the genre of the film I'm seeing next time. ;)

Donated Blood to Red Cross
I have been into lots of volunteer work recently (thanks to opportunities that my company provided), and donating blood has always been in my bucket list. The schedule of the blood donation was of perfect timing for me -- I was physically healthy (no colds or cough), had a complete night's sleep, and it's not my time of the month.

I was a bit nervous when I went to the blood donation site. Aside from worrying about the pain of the needle, I was more concerned on how my body would react. I have never bled before (except for the monthly ones) so I don't really know how I would feel after.

The moment of truth came. I was lying down their mattress and the Red Cross attendant was checking the pulse on my forearm. They even had to check both my arms because they said my veins were too thin. Fortunately, the attendant was skilled enough and she was able to locate the vein on my left forearm.The needle insertion did hurt but only for the first few seconds. They gave me a soft rubber ball to squeeze every five seconds. A colleague was with me during that time, and she described how red my blood looked as it flowed through the tube and into the bag.

After roughly 8 minutes, I was done! Apparently according to them, I have a healthy vein and was ideal for donating blood. The needle was then removed and I just lied down for another 15 minutes to rest. Actually I didn't feel any kind of weakness. I was listening to my body to feel how it would react with the loss of 450 cc of blood. I was feeling all okay as I stood up and left the site.

My first time to donate blood was a success! I got myself a Red Cross card and some freebies (pin and an eco bag), not to mention the huge sense of accomplishment. I am glad to know that I am healthy enough to donate blood. I have A+ blood type by the way.

Will I do this again? Of course! As long as I am healthy enough to do it, I will donate again. They say a blood bag can benefit four patients. It would be great to be able to help them. At least I can say I have contributed something to this world. Helping others really boosts one's self-worth. :p

Got Really Drunk (At Home)
It was my first time to drink with my sister. We were supposed to do it on her birthday but because I donated blood on that day and cannot drink alcohol after, we pushed the activity on Friday night. We bought the drinks in our room and watched the most depressing chic flick ever -- 500 Days of Summer.

Aside from the sadness that we felt because of the movie, we had our personal issues that's why we drank hard that night. I usually don't drink much when I'm with friends because I still needed to be sober enough to get myself home. But because I'm already at home this time, I didn't hold back. Let's just say I'm happy it's only my sister who got to see me in that state. Hahaha! I though I was going to puke (thank goodness I didn't) but I felt terrible. I woke up the next morning with a horrible headache.

Will I do this again? NO. I think I won't. Drinking has always been a great form of bonding, but I can't take the aftermath.

It was a fun week! These items are now checked off from my list. Other items on my first-time bucket list include travelling and going to a concert alone [update: I already did!]. Though I think I would still need to gather up some courage to actually do them. :D

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