Music Heals [♬ ~ #16]

June 29, 2014

Have you been in one of those days wherein you just feel soooo sad without having a hint why? Maybe it was because you got fed up with the demands of the world, or maybe it was just your hormones to blame. Even so, we all need something to serve as an outlet of all those unnecessary negative emotions.

For me, what I do is I listen to music. I won't be able to explain in words how music has helped me get through the roughest times in my life. When listening to music feels not enough, I create music myself.

That's what happened today. I've already did this in the past (even recorded some songs in the past) but this is the first time (in a long while) that I get to play and also sing along. I usually pre-record the piano parts and then place the vocals later. It was a great timing because my sister was out the whole weekend and I have the whole room for myself, and that's where I did all the recording.

Most of these are pieces I have learned playing years years back (mostly Vanessa Carlton tracks, I'm a big fan of her), and playing them again was like meeting an old friend again and reminiscing the great times of the past.

I still can't say I'm totally okay now, but I feel better. Maybe this is just a stage. I'll continue my quest of learning to play the piano (I still need a lot of practice). It's really a nice stress outlet, and you can express things with it that you will never say in words. :D

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