Q3 2014 Playlist [★]

July 06, 2014

Yup, it's the start of another quarter again. As part of my routine, I am doing a refresh on my morning playlist and these are the songs included in the new list:

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I'm quite a few songs short for this quarter (my routine is to form a 10-track playlist). I didn't have the time to listen to new songs so I pulled out some of my old favorites to this list (i.e. Just Say Yes and Lights). Coldplay's A Sky Full of Stars sounded so magical and dreamy that I got hooked on it immediately. Big Bang songs has become my favorites, especially their fourth and fifth studio albums, ever since I saw their concert screening here in the country last March. I discovered Imagine Dragons through Spinnr and I instantly fell in love with all of their songs in their Night Visions album. I always thought they've already come here to the Philippines in one of those mall tours recently but I think I have mistaken it with another event because I can't seem to find any article about it online. So if they actually have not come here yet, please please someone, somewhere out there! Please bring them to Manila!!! +Manila Concerts +Philippine Concerts

Moving on with the song list -- I was actually a bit late with the Taylor Swift fever. I only got crazy about her a few weeks after her sold-out Red Tour show here. I began to appreciate her music after watching her perform acoustic versions of her songs in her Red album. So if we rewind to several months before her concert here, I think I would consider watching her show (If I were lucky enough to get hold of the tickets... they got sold out faster than you could say 'we are never ever ever ever ever getting back together').

There you go! For the third quarter, these songs will be my company for those hard-to-wake-up hours in the morning before going to work. :D

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