T@tt Awards 2014: "Expect the Unexpected" Launch Night [★]

July 04, 2014

The internet has truly revolutionized the way people communicate with the world. It has opened a limitless channel of information and also a boundless avenue for self-expression. It's so powerful that an ordinary person can become a superstar overnight because of a viral video. Each one of us who has access to the internet has access to the world. This ability comes in such great power that a single tweet, picture, video, or post, can influence and change the world.

In this line, Tattoo launches Tatt Awards 2014 which aims to recognize the remarkable people who makes use of that power in a positive way -- those personalities that help the community through their activities online. Started in 2011, this annual event gives credit to the people who have lead a positive change to the community and continues to influence and give inspiration to everyone online.

July 1 marked the start of the nomination period for candidates of the Tatt Awards, and with that a launch party was held on that day at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5.

Standees of previous Tatt Awards Winners are in the event.
Media people and guests were treated with a scrumptious snacks and desserts.

The program was hosted by Bianca Valerio. (whom I also saw in this year's Nestea Beach press launch).

The Tatt Council, a group of people from different fields, will supervise the process of the selection of the nominees of the Tatt Awards. Some of them were present in the event and were introduced to the audience.

some of the Tatt Council members present in the event, with host Bianca (leftmost) 

Bianca Gonzales and Jim Paredes for T@tt Awards 2014
At the event, I had the opportunity to spot celebrities, and that included Bianca Gonzales and Jim Paredes, which are both huge social media icons of today.

Aside from promoting the Tatt Awards, everyone was given an extra treat with a screening of "Channeling", a sci-fi film which depicts the very likely state of social media in the near future. It's a disturbing movie if you ask me, because it's highly possible for that EyeCast technology (with the tagline You're Only Live Once) to become a reality. It's just a few steps ahead from the Google Glass that we already have now.

Taking the initative from the event, I made my nomination for the T@tt awards.

guests doing their nominations during the launch party
Guess who I nominated? :D

Yup, he's "The One" for me! :)
All those who voted during the party were raffled off for a chance of winning a tablet, courtesy of Tattoo. I guess it was my lucky day, because I was the winner! O(≧∇≦)O I was so thrilled! I even got mentioned on this website.

I got a new toy! Yay! :D

Guys let's give back to the people online who inspired us and moved us in one way or another by nominating for them in the T@tt Awards! Head on to their website to nominate! Nominations are open until July 10, and voting starts on July 15.

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