I Am A WOW Korea Supporter! [★]

August 16, 2014

Amidst all the current life challenges that I am experiencing, a wonderful opportunity opened for me!

original image by Katz Capacia-Catajay‎

Yes that's right! I am among the 50 participants who, in partnership with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila, will be helping promote the culture of Korea through social media networks online.

I love Korea. I don't know how much I have expressed this passion of mine in this blog (it's all over my wishlist last year). I also love blogging and promoting events online. That's why when KTO Manila made the announcement that they are looking for people active online who could help promote Korea, I immediately listed myself in! I was really not expecting to be selected, so I am very happy when I received the email notification from KTO. :D

With this, I am creating a new category on the blog for this!

Stay tuned on the blog for lots of exciting news about Korea. :)

감사합니다 KTO Manila! I will just continue what I love to do and promote the wonders of Korea!

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