My Korean Vocabulary [☯ ~ #3]

August 25, 2014

I have been exposed to the Korean language for years now through watching kdramas and listening to kpop. Because it's quite some time already, my ears have began to catch some familiar words/phrases from the lines of the actors and singers.

As part of my goal in learning Hangul (especially now that my trip has been officially set!), I am listing here some of the words that I have learned through the years. :)

Random Words

행복하다 /haengbokhada/
to be happy

우리 가족은 항상 행복합니다.
Uri gajog-eun hangsang haengbokhamnida.
Our family is always happy.


영원히 /yeongwonhi/
forever, eternal


약속 /yaksok/

기 때문에 /ki ttaemune/
because, therefore

노래방 /noraebang/
song room (literally), like karaoke


Kinship Terms

아버지 /abeoji/

어머니 /eomeoni/

아빠 /appa/
엄마 /eomma/

grand mother

grand father

boy’s elder brother

누나 /nuna/
boy’s elder sister

오빠 /oppa/
girl’s elder brother

언니 /eonni/
girl’s elder sister

동생 /dongsaeng/
younger brother/sister



너무 /neomu/
진짜 /jinjja/
정말 /jeongmal/
too, really
To know the difference of their use, refer here.

 어떻게 /eotteohke/
What to do?
Here's a very good site that explains the meaning of this word.

알았어  /arasseo/
got it, understood

... and other common expressions of greeting (안녕하세요!), frustration (아이씨! ) and excitement (대박!).

While consolidating this list, I realized that I actually have a fair amount of words in my vocabulary already for a beginner. But since I still have a long long way to go to master the language, I need to read more materials about the subject. In that note, this one is actually a cool site to start.

Next Action Item *new*
I am adding this section at the end of my major goal posts from now on to motivate myself and help me steer my path to the right direction. This is like my next step towards the goal.┏(^0^)┛

Since this is part of my major goals (learning hangul), my next action item is-
study the lyrics of JYJ's So So track.  [update: here's the post!]

ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Til my next study-hangul post!

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