Book Reads: Eva Luna (Isabel Allende) [☝]

August 23, 2015

This is one of the two books that my Reddit Books Exchange Secret Santa sent to me. I'm already finished with the other one, I am very thankful because they are very good books. They may not have a page-turner kind of story, but the plot had such an effect on me that it would surely stick with me for the rest of my life.

Actually, I was so close to dropping this book. I was already half-way on it but I was so bored already and I was having trouble following the trail of the story. However because of some reasons, I felt uneasy leaving it unfinished (and it really disturbed me) so for the past week, I persisted in really sitting down and just reading the book. Little by little, the plot made sense to me and the events in the book became more interesting. Before I knew it, I was already at the end of the book.

I was blown away with what the main characters had to endure. Eva, the main protagonist, started rough in life but in the end, it benefited her because she became such a strong and powerful woman. This goes the same with Rolf, her leading man in the book. Set in South America, the story tells about discrimination in the society, of political propaganda, and of the tragedy brought about by love.

Isabel Allende wrote a lot of interesting characters in the story, those that would truly stand out among all the characters that you have met in the fictional world. Also there are a number of plots in the book that are very unusual, and you would have to be open-minded in absorbing that kind of situation, even if it's just in a book. If this will have a film adaptation, it will surely be rated as R-18 because of a lot of sexual scenes that are not 'normal', for me at least.

Eva Luna taught me that travelling and meeting new people would really make one mature in life. Eva went to a lot of places in search for an employer. Though not all of her adventures were good, there was always a kind soul who took pity of her and cared for her. Also, the book taught me the nature of true love, one that is pure and innocent, and how one is willing to sacrifice everything to get their object of love and also the contrast of how one is willing to let their love go, knowing it's the best for everyone, even if it hurts a lot.

For me, this book deserves a slot on the shelf beside Jose Rizal's works. The heroine's adventures can make her a national hero, if it happened in real life.

Again, a huge thanks to my Secret Santa for giving me such incredible books!

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