Movie Review: Attack on Titan [☝]

August 16, 2015

*Just a premise on this review,  I did not know anything about this prior to watching the movie.

My first encounter on this film was during the "God of Ramen" film showing for this year's Eiga Sai. The movie's trailer was among those that were played before the start of the film. I got interested because I saw a familiar face in the cast (it turns out he's the lead character in the film), Haruma Miura. I know him as the genious hacker in Bloody Monday. The trailer also got my attention because the story line is unique and is very action-packed, and these gave me a good impression about the film. Upon further research, I discovered that GDragon's "alleged" girlfriend, Kiko Mizuhara, is also starring, as the leading lady, in Attack on Titan! When I found out that it's going to be shown in a cinema in our neighborhood, I decided to go and see it!

I was warned that this movie would have lots of gore scenes because the Titans actually eat humans. Also, given that this is a Japanese movie, things can get very disturbing, so I really braced myself on to what extent this film is going for in terms of violence and bloodiness. It's given a rating of R-16 locally so I knew there's something to look out for in the film. However I'm glad that those scenes were not as bad as I imagined them to be. There were lots of blood, but they were not something that made my stomach lurch or made me feel like throwing up (unlike those that I have watched before).

I believe the most disturbing aspect of the film for me is the behavior of the Titans. They're like zombies, but much much worse. They're huge, and they can easily hunt you because they can run, crouch, and grab you helplessly to eat. They have no hesitations, just pure instinct in finding their prey and eating every single one of them. The faces of the Titans also creeped me out. Their craving for the human flesh is real and it shows in their huge smiles and greedy eyes (plus the overly salivating mouth ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ) as they approached the town searching for their human prey.

I've been reading a lot of reviews online that they did not like this live-action version of the story. Well I don't have the basis to agree/disagree with them because I know nothing about the manga or the anime version. But just from seeing the film, I got the impression that the story has an interesting plot and I am very curious on what would happen on the second film (yes there is, cause they showed teasers by the end of this movie). So I think I would be having another encounter with the Titans in the future!



Now I know why GD got to like this Kiko. She's so gorgeous in the film. I'm jealous! xD

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