Eiga Sai 2015 Film: Parasyte [☝]

August 22, 2015

Last week, I got the chance to see an Eiga Sai film on the last day of the festival, this time at the UP Film Center, entitled Parasyte.

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No, it's not a misspelled word, it's really written like that.

This plan to catch the film showing was just a spur-of-the-moment decision, that's why me and my friend were not able to gather much information about the film that we're actually seeing. I suspected it to be another food-themed movie (just like God of Ramen), however we were entirely wrong.

The movie is about these creatures called 'parasytes' who enter inside a human's body to take over its brain. They can still look human after dominating their chosen shell, but they now have the ability to transform the head into a monster-like form with a weapon to attack its enemy. It was already several minutes into the film when I arrived at the cinema. One look on the screen and I knew there's something with this film. I felt the tension from the audience. During the current scene, I saw the main character, Shinichi Izumi, in a dark alleyway facing a police officer. And then I saw that the police was not human.

Apparently this film is an action horror one, which involved some gore scenes. Good thing this genre is not new to me anymore, as I've just watched Attack on Titan the day before. Too bad I was not able to catch the first 30 minutes of the film, but it did not hinder me from appreciating its story. Migi, the creature that invaded Sinichi's right hand, has a very likable personality. I have forgotten that he's actually an alien who had initially attempted to take over Sinichi's body. As the story progressed, it felt like Migi has always been good friends with Sinichi.

I was surprised myself that I got to like this film despite its unusual genre and theme. The conflict of the story was still unsolved at the end of the film, that's why I knew there has to be a second part for the movie (and I was right!) though I think I won't have the courage to watch it alone. (ノдヽ)

It was so nostalgic to be able to see a movie at the Film Center again. This is the place where I began watching Eiga Sai films. The crowd is still the same, very expressive in reacting to certain scenes in the movie (we clapped during one battle scene when Migi got sliced off from Sinichi's hand, then jumped back and rejoined his hand (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜).  I remember it was always like that. The audience would always clap at the end of a movie as gesture of appreciation for the film. I'm glad the culture is still the same. Most of the people there were UP students. I awkwardly felt a bit old within that crowd. Haha!

In fairness, I both liked the two Eiga Sai films that I got to watch this year. I'm already looking forward for next year's batch!

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