Q1 2016 Morning Playlist [★]

January 03, 2016

To start the year, I'm having these songs in my morning playlist for the first quarter! Creating a morning playlist has been a part of my routine every quarter since 2012. These are the songs that I play upon waking up in the morning to prepare for work. It also serves as my timer to know when I already needed to get out of the house or else I'd be late for work.

Justin Bieber
It seems like Justin's latest album has a lot of good songs actually, and I got to love this one too, next to 'What Do You Mean?' which has been included in my previous quarter's morning playlist.

The 1975
I looove this band. I think I've already mentioned that several times in the blog, but I just want to emphasize that again in this post - I. Love. The 1975. I've been tuning onto their every move recently, especially now that they're about to launch new music soon (their new album comes out this February yay). Can I just spazz that they've mentioned the Philippines in the latest video over their Vevo channel in Youtube? They mentioned that their concert here last January was one of their memorable concerts because it was their first gig in an arena with a five-figure crowd count! And the best thing with that is that I was there in that crowd! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

'Ugh!' is the second single from their album with a long name that I won't be mentioning anymore (google it!). The sound of this track is actually the same as Love Me in terms of the guitar sounds that they used. Though I know the lyrics of this one is about drugs usage (well I'm used to it, same with their 'Chocolate' song), it's fun to listen to. The tune is very catchy.

Hot Pink
I never knew this day would come that EXID would actually be part of my morning playlist! To give a background, all songs that I include in my morning playlists have some kind of special attachment to me, and it just happened that this group is significant to me from now on. Initially, I didn't like this group because their songs are just not my taste. However due to this breaking KPOP news on New Year's eve, my interest peaked for this group, especially on that one member. Because of that, I now have this "duty" as a good fan to look upon this group and support them on their activities moving forward. :P I chose this song because I have actually listened to them sing this song live (a few days before that shocking news broke) and apparently these girls have powerful vocals. It's a shame this is not being emphasized on the songs because they mostly perform dance tracks. Hmm I think I'll be checking their discography to see if they actually have ballad songs, for a change.

Maroon 5
This song reminds me of my first trip to California because I was always playing the V album when I was at the hotel at night. I also attached a new memory to this song recently so I'm including this in the playlist. :D

Shut Up and Dance
Walk the Moon
This is one track that I would include in the 'Songs to Sing in the Shower' playlist. I've been meaning to sing this in the karaoke but I always forgot to put it in the reserved list. Walk the Moon actually visited Manila but since this is the only song that I know from them, I didn't have enough reason to see them then. But I heard people had a blast in their show! Maybe I should listen more to their other songs...

Come on Get Higher
Matt Nathanson
Just the intro of this song is enough to melt my heart. This is one of my favorites that reminded me of the good old times. And the lyrics are kinda sweet actually.

Howie Day
I know this is such a bittersweet song to listen to first thing in the morning. I don't know but all these years I am attached to this song, and my thoughts always wander to the things that happened in the past. Even the best falls down sometimes. This song has a similar melody with  'Come on Get Higher' (same guitar chords I guess?) but the songs tell such opposite stories. (︶︹︺)

Man on a Wire
The Script
I have actually used this song already on a previous morning playlist, but I am including it again this time because a new memory has been associated to this song. :p

Drops of Jupiter
This is one of my classic favorites and I will never get tired of listening to it. This song is significant to me particularly for this quarter (you'll know soon!) so I'm adding it on my playlist!

Our Lives
The Calling
Another classic favorite. I remember I included this song in my mixtapes, aka CDs with burned mp3 songs, when it was still a fad, in my early years in college. This song served as my reminder to always make the most out of my life. I'm putting this one in to remind me again of that same mantra. :)

Mother We Just Can't Get Enough
New Radicals
I recently rewatched A Walk To Remember and this is one of my favorite OSTs from that film. The story was as good as I remembered it. I still cried even if I knew the plot already. And Shane West? Damn he's such a fine man in that movie. ♥(ノ´∀`)

Love Song for No One
John Mayer
The song already says it all. I'm just sending it out to the universe I guess? ;)

Dashboard Confessional
This song reminds me of my college years, especially my journey in becoming a member of an org that I applied during those times. It was my batchmate's ringtone and I remember the phone repeatedly rang during the crucial moments of our "initiation" process. That's one memory I associated with this song. However, I think another recent event would be apt to have this one as its soundtrack. :)

Not a Bad Thing
Justin Timberlake
Another Justin is back in my morning playlist, and this is the original one that stole my heart. xD I cannot believe I have not included this on in my previous morning playlists actually. I reaaaally love this song! It also came with such a sweet music video.

Touch My Hand
David Archuleta
I feel nostalgic listening to this song. I used to always sing this in the karaoke with my thesismates before (I kinda miss them actually, I need to organize a get-together soon). Today, I am relating this to that EXID song, because the message of this song applies to that couple. *sigh*

I've actually recreated this playlist in Spotify! This way, the songs are more accessible to me.

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