EXO PLANET #2: The EXO'LUXION Live in Manila! [★]

January 31, 2016

I have known EXO since their debut (and I've seen some of the members even before debut, i.e. in TVXQ's Hahaha promotional video). They are one of the artists under SM Entertainment, and I know most of the artists from there because that's where my KPOP addiction started. However I never fangirled on them because they were already "too young" for me. I know a few songs from them (I have included one of their songs in my morning playlist!), and it just stayed like that. I was just a casual fan of them.

That is why I never imagined I would actually be able to see them in a concert! Big thanks to Kit Kat for giving me a #ConcertBreak and inviting me to see the group in their EXO PLANET #2: The EXO'LUXION show in Manila!

Our concert tickets!
KitKat Corporate Lounge
Kitkat gave me tickets to the concert in their corporate suite, which has the best view of the stage in the arena!

Kit Kat Corp Suite at MOA Arena!

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I felt the adrenaline rush when I saw the stage! It was such a very grand and sophisticated stage. SM Ent really gives its all in producing a show for it's artists (remember the superb SS5 show in Manila?) Even on the KPOP scale, this is by far the best stage setup I've seen for a concert! Whoa, we were really in for a great show tonight!

All of us in the suite were very hyped! We waited for at most an hour before the concert began. Good thing the suite has such comfortable amenities (it has its own comfort room!). There were comfy sofas in the lounge too. Some of us just chilled on the couch while waiting for the show to start. For me, I just spent #mybreak sitting (and lying down xD) on one #KitKatBench in the lounge.

The Show: Exo'luXion!
When the lights finally dimmed and the stage lights went on, I felt really giddy all over. I still cannot absorb that I am about to see the members of EXO perform on stage! All of the audience screamed as the stage came to life and the intro video started playing on that large LED screen at the center of the stage.

The show is about to start!
The build-up was effective to me. I couldn't breathe anymore  knowing that  they will be coming out of the stage anytime. I was one with the fans when they screamed their lungs out as 중독(Overdose) started to blast out of the speakers, signalling the start of the show!!!

Are you feeling hot now, Chanyeol? xD

This was followed by History and El Dorado. At first I thought they were singing their song about Lightsabers because they were holding some kind of lightsticks.

EXO performing 'El Dorado'

Only 8 members were able to be there on the show (aww sad as I was looking forward to see Lay). Out of the 8, only 6 are performing and dancing on the stage because 2 of the members are injured. 

Kai and Xiumin
Kai and Xiumin were just seated on either side of the stage singing together with the members in every song.
On some songs, it was noticeable that the formation was broken because the members were not complete. The stage was too big for the six members, in my opinion. But even though the group was not in its best form, they gave out their best to give the fans the best stage possible!
Chen singing passionately on stage

Baekhyun, Suho, and Kyungsoo singing My Answer
I was amused by the "moving piano" during My Answer where Baekhyun was playing the piano. I was looking carefully on how he played the keys. Though his fingers were in sync with the sound of the piano, I'm pretty sure the playing was not live, seeing that there were no pedals attached on the acoustic piano. 

such gangstas!!!

... and then they transformed into such cute elves! (*°∀°)=3
After showing the fans their serious side, they then transformed into playful elves and just made cute aegyo on stage while singing Peter Pan (피터팬).

The members went to both sides of the stage and they sang alongside Kai and Xiumin. Awww.

Xiumin's side

Kai's side

Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Kyungsoo harmonizing
EXO continued to show us their playful side with XOXO, Lucky, and 3.6.5.

By this time, I already knew who my favorite member is. In every KPOP concert, there will always be that one member who will be able to catch your attention (because that's what happened to me during the VIXX concert). For EXO, my chosen one is Chanyeol. ♥(ノ´∀`)

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Maybe I noticed him more because of his hair? Or maybe because he had such high energy on the stage, running around crazily and doing such great fanservice to the crowd?

Was it because of how he handsomely wore that shirt
(exposing delicious arm muscles? LOL).
Kyungsoo, you should learn from him. xD
Heck, all of EXO should learn from Chanyeol. :))
Chanyeol's hair and arm muscles made me swoon for him. xD
Yup gaiz, that's an angel within the clouds.
How I wish I was that carrot!!
My admiration for him grew stronger as he showcased his dj skills during the Machine performance. He was the brightest star on that stage!

Suho's handsome back. :D

fireworks during Love Me Right performance

confetti flew throughout the arena signalling the end of the show :(
The group sang a total of 26 songs in the concert! I found a playlist compiling all their songs in concert in order of performance in Spotify. It was very useful to me in reminiscing the awesomeness of this concert!

The after-effect of all of this came to me days after the concert, especially when I listened again to their songs and realized I now recognize them. Among my favorites now are Don't Go, XOXO, and Love Me Right. Of course, Call Me Baby and Growl are my classic favorites and it was just so awesome that I got to see these songs be performed live by EXO themselves!

Also after the concert, the members' faces became more familiar to me. I can match names to their faces now (hmmm except for Baekhyun and Sehun... I still cannot distinguish them from each other xD).

It was such a great concert. Thanks again to +KIT KAT for giving me this #ConcertBreak!



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  1. I like Chanyeol too! You should check him out in Roommate, you'll love him more :-)

    1. I'm trying my best to avoid variety shows where EXO is in it, baka maadik ako! Buuuut I think I'll consider that, basta si Chanyeol lang. Hahaha!


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