2015 Year-End Post [❁]

January 01, 2016

A lot of wonderful things happened in 2015, and I'm actually excited to recall them all in this post. I was able to attend to a lot of concerts and also was able to travel to several new places. Let's get started, shall we?

The year started with a bang with me attending to the concert of The 1975. It was the first time I went alone to a concert, and I actually enjoyed it. I really got to love this band, and me wanting to see them in a concert even if I had nobody with me proved how I seriously I am into this band. The aftermath hype of this concert lasted all year long and my love for their music grew and grew as months passed by. I believe I am going to see them again soon this year, and I would make sure I'd get VIP seats this time. ;) [update: yes, I did see them again the year after :D]

My obsession for KPOP was rewarded this year, because I was able to attend to not just one, but three KPOP concerts (Best of Best in The Philippines, Epik High, and VIXX)! I went to each of them, not just a fan but as a part of media. I had one concert each month for the third quarter of the year (coz why not, right?) I felt like I'm becoming a concert rat more and more as I really enjoyed attending the concerts of BIG BANG, Imagine Dragons, and Maroon 5.

This year was a year of travel for both local and international. For the local destinations, I was able to visit Baler, Cagayan de Oro, and Cebu. On the other hand, I was able to finally visit South Korea! The happiness from that trip was enough to last for the whole year actually. It was the biggest dream of both me and my sister. Finally, after a year of planning, we were able to visit our dreamland! Also later in the year, I got to travel to California again for a business trip.

After all of the travels I've done for the year, I can say that I am now comfortable in going to places, especially local ones. As early as now, I have already one planned for Q2 2016!

New Experiences
I was able to visit the now famous Miao Cat Cafe. It was again another first for me. Aside from being amused on how cute all the cats were, I was really amazed how tamed they were and how they were friendly with people.

This was the year also that I started climbing mountains! So far I've already conquered two (Batulao and Pico De Loro) and our team at the office are targeting several more in Q1 2016.

I also made steps to improve my skills in photography. I entered a workshop (which is still on-going) with a seasoned concert photographer, and damn, how I learned a lot from those sessions! You know if I were not into my current field, I guess being an events photographer  would be my alternative profession. :D

That's roughly how my year went for 2015. Thank you for all the experiences and opportunities, 2015!  For 2016, I am looking forward to more travels and new experiences (more hikes and snorkeling!). Happy new year!

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