More Memorabilias Unfolded [❁]

April 09, 2016

I was arranging all my things last weekend (because I have moved to a new room!) Because of that, I got to retrieve and arrange the items that I have been keeping all these years. That got me really nostalgic. The items were mostly from my childhood that have been with me for decades now. Some of them I already needed to throw out though. I thought of posting some of them here, to immortalize the memories (just like what I did on some of my items before):

Cassiopeia 7G Souvenirs. This was the first ever KPOP fan gathering that I have attended. It was held during my last year in college at the UP Film Center. I remember it was a huge event which MYX even covered. There were not much fan gatherings happenings then, and this was one of the most successful ones during that time. This is where I first met my fellow Cassies in Dong Bang Island (DBI). This is also where I first saw the Krimmy Couple (you might know them better as the "I Do" Grand Couple)! *such happy memories* 😊

Cardcaptor Sakura stickers. I am a huuuuge fan of this anime. I lived my childhood around Sakura and her Clow Cards! These stickers go from when I was in elementary. I didn't want to use these stickers because I treasure them too much. I would look into each of these stickers and just admire Sakura's costumes, and the illustrations themselves. The years passed and these were all just stuck up inside my drawer. So now I will try to use them (I just don't know on what) so that they won't go to waste.

Clow Cards. These are just photocopies of the actual cards that I think a classmate showed to me. I didn't know back then where to find these cards (now I know they are available on certain toy stores). I had them photocopied and kept them on my "Cardcaptor Sakura notebook." I really love the illustration for each Clow Cards - I would even attempt to draw them, unsuccessfully though. 😃

NIDO Cards. Do you remember collecting these cards as a child? I loved looking at the inside of the Nido box whenever we bought one to see which collectible card was inside. There were Disney song cards, coloring pages with world trivias, and short stories with colorful illustrations!

Coca-cola cards. This is another childhood collection. Since we have a sari-sari store, it was easy for me to collect the cards. I remember always looking forward for the softdrinks delivery to our store and would always ask mom if there were new sets of cards available.

Cardcaptor Sakura poster. This is just one of my favorite posters of Sakura Kinomoto. :D

Anime Posters. Remember those anime posters being sold for just Php10? There were lots of that just outside our school. I didn't know I still had some of those that I bought though. But yeah, I think I'll need to dispose them now. :(

Game Boy Light & The Pokemon Book. This Game Boy does not work anymore (😭) but I know I will keep this with me as long as I am alive. This Game Boy is too sentimental for me to be thrown away. I remember I "bought" it from a classmate. I never told my parents about it, and lied that it was given to me. :O This is where I played Pokemon Yellow. Those were such awesome awesome memories. I spent hours and hours and hours playing it. I just allowed myself to be immersed into that beautiful virtual world of Pokemon. I was not able to catch all 150 Pokemon though (damn those legendary birds and Mewtwo!), and Pikachu still refused to evolve. Up to this day, it haunts me that I was not able to finish that game.

I tried playing the newer versions of Pokemon today (in a Game Boy emulator) but it was not just the same. There's a whole new bunch of Pokemon specie that I am not familiar with anymore, and the gameplay is way way complicated. I'm sure I will again have to spend a significant amount of time playing it, and being an adult already, I think I won't be able to afford doing that anymore.

View-Master. This is one of my dad's gift to us from abroad. I enjoyed looking at the slides over and over again when I was a kid. The slides feature scenery of different places like Hong Kong, China, and some Wonders of the World.

Doses of Inspiration. This is a gift from a good friend of mine back in college. She made a lot of these and gave it away to her friends. Luckily, I was one of those who got to receive this. It's a bottle with paper enclosed capsules where inspirational quotes are written.

My dose of inspiration for the day!
I think this was very creative and very thoughtful of her. :D

Star City Stuff toy. Only people who were involved would recognize where this was from and what happened for this cute toy to be in my possession. It was like a Korean drama actually - someone tried to shoot enough basketball so that he could win toys for his friends. 😉 *sigh* I'm sure now he won't remember doing that, but me... I never forget. xD

Other items that I discovered and needed to dispose were:

  •  a photo of my highschool crush (WTF, did I really keep that???)
  • random letters from friends (sadly I have to throw them all now)
It was a nice walk-back-along-memory-lane session. I got to remember those people that was once important to me, and those that still hold special memories within me. :D

Now is a fresh new start - new room, new memories to create! :D

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