Moving Into A New Room [❁]

April 02, 2016

Just last month, I officially moved to my oldest brother's room in our house. His wife and daughter used to occupy it. Their "moving out" day finally happened - they transferred to their new house -  leaving that room available. I have always known that room as my brother's so it was a bit awkward at first to see it now in a different light. Now, this is my room.

I have shared rooms with my sister almost all my life that's why this move is a big change for me. I was excited to arrange my room and decorate it any way that I want. I finally have this personal space wherein I can more efficiently do my activities. I have a lot of things in my to-do list and most of those items require a conducive environment (i.e. a quiet and distraction-free zone)  especially when writing blog posts and practicing the piano. I am very satisfied that I can comfortably do them now in my new room. I can get up any hour of the night to write a blog post or do my routine exercise without disturbing anyone who are still asleep. Also, it felt very fulfilling to find my things exactly how I left them. I know where to find every item that I own, and get it when I needed it. I feel so organized! 😁

For this room, I had to spend on repairing some stuff. I also rearranged the furniture. I transferred our study table into my room - the same one I used to do my homeworks when I was in high school! Also, my piano is now on the same room as me! Now I absolutely don't have an excuse anymore to take my self-paced piano lessons more seriously.

On the other side, it was kinda sad having this new set up at home. My sister and I are very close. We share a lot interests, that's why we can chat all day non-stop about anything under the sun (mostly about KPOP lol). Now that we are on different rooms, our interactions have been limited. There are days now when we just don't get to see each other anymore because of work schedules. It was really depressing at first, but after the first few weeks, I got the hang of it. Besides we'll eventually have our own lives anyway, right?

At first, I really did not entertain the idea of moving out of our room. I didn't like the idea of sleeping alone (I'm a scaredy-cat). However, it would be a waste if not one of us would occupy the room. So I decided to transfer. I guess I am now being given a glimpse of what the rest of my life would feel like (if I stick to my current life decisions). The verdict? I don't really prefer this kind of arrangement, but I guess it's good that I am having my practice now, so that I could get used to this kind of life moving forward. 😉

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