Switchfoot Performs at Walkway [★]

April 10, 2016

That night felt like a dream... a dream that I waited for so long to come true. And finally... finally... it actually happened.

I've been dreaming of seeing this band for the longest time. I was really looking forward to this event ever since I saw it posted on Facebook.

Before the Concert
I prepared for everything before this event. I even reserved for tickets beforehand. However due to certain events, I was not able to claim the tickets. A few days before going to my vacation in the province, I was really torn between pushing through with the vacation or the concert. I had to give up one of those two events. Because the concert is on Easter Sunday, I would then still be travelling from the province back to the Manila, and I might not make it on time. In the end, I have decided that family should come first. So I made my decision - I won't be attending the concert. I just thought maybe I was not really meant to see Switchfoot in person. :(

However on Sunday, concert day, things changed. My sister expressed interest on going to the concert (she only learned of the event the day before), which means I won't be coming alone in case I make it. And then during our travel home from the province, I observed that there was no traffic. I've already accepted that I won't be going to the concert so this did not matter much to me. Maybe the Universe really wants me to go because we were able to reach home at 2PM. The concert was tonight at 7PM. That's when it sank in. There is still time! I can still go to the concert! I was so happy!

Come 5PM, I saw myself travelling yet again, this time to BGC. It was already 6PM when we arrived at the Amphitheater. There were lots of people already! While we were searching for a good spot, I told my sister that we could still try to avail of the tickets so that we could go nearer the stage. It only costs Php800 (but I didn't have my hopes up because I saw in FB that the tickets were almost already sold out). My sister said yes and so we hurriedly searched for the ticket booth amidst the huge crowd. We easily located it. I saw on the table that there were only just a few t-shirts left. We needed to buy 2 shirts for every admission ticket. I told the staff I would be purchasing for two tickets, and I was so happy when she confirmed that there were tickets still available! Both me and my sister got 4 XL Name design shirts. I was slightly amused because it was my original choice even on the ticket reservation - two Name shirts. Aaahh, the Universe was really with me that night!

And so after a few minutes, I found myself facing the stage (just a few rows from the front), eagerly anticipating for my dream band to come out.

During the Concert
Apparently there was a front act for tonight's stage - Paulo Valenciano and Robin Nievera with their band. Their group doesn't have a name. Paulo said they're just a bunch of friends who liked to jam.

Paulo Valenciano sang some originals. He sounded closely like his father Gary V. :D

Their band sang around 5 songs I think, including classic OPM song "Umaaraw, Umuulan" by Rivermaya.

After a 30-minute break, Switchfoot finally went up the stage!

OMG. I just cannot describe the feelings during this moment.
Jon Forman, Switchfoot's frontman, looked so happy performing before the crowd that night.

Jon was very interactive with the crowd. Those people in front of the stage were lucky lucky people. He even went down to the crowd at one point and just allowed the people to carry him on his back while he sings.

I got goosebumps at their first few songs, because I was still absorbing the reality that Switchfoot is really in front of me performing these songs that have inspired me all these years. If it weren't for the people around, I might have not stopped myself from tearing up.

Switchfoot at Walkway Setlist
Love Alone is Worth the Fight
This is Your Life
Dark Horses
Your Love Is A Song
Hello Hurricane
On Fire / This is Home
Let it Out / One Tonight

Only Hope
Dare You To Move
Where I Belong

Switchfoot has proved that they are masters of their craft now, as they showed us such a flawless stage filled with impromptu instrumentals (if that's how you call it). The band was moving as one. I really really loved it.

The smiles in their eyes as they performed - you could really see that they are very passionate on what they do, and they were all enjoying performing that night. Their songs have touched me through the years, and seeing the people behind that music made me admire them more. They were such nice nice people with such awesome vibes. 

Jon introducing Jerome Fontamillas, one of their guitarists, and a Filipino!
Jerome tried to speak a few Filipino sentences, to the delight of the crowd.
They announced that their 10th album will be coming out soon, and they are actually going to shoot a music video here for their first song release (and yes they did). Switchfoot got their huge break from the movie 'A Walk To Remember' wherein two of their songs were featured and brought them to huge stardom. My heart just melted when Jon performed those songs, Only Hope and Dare You To Move, that night with his acoustic guitar.

I have no decent videos of their stage that night, because I was so focused absorbing them using my own eyes. I don't regret it though, because I was able to fully enjoy their performances. Honestly, I'm thinking that this will be the first and the last time I am going to see them live, and I am forever thankful that I am able to see them. Most of the members are in their late 30s already, and who knows they might retire already after a few more years of creating music.

After the Concert
I only felt the post-concert depression and the longing for the band several days after the concert. I joined the Switchfoot Philippines group on Facebook, and I regret not doing that prior to the concert. I was so happy to see people who passionately follow the band! They were able to do a M&G with the band before the show (awww how I wish I knew about this). The band were so down-to-earth and was just hanging out with their fans like friends (no bodyguards, etc). It was just so cool.

Thank you Switchfoot.
Thank you for coming back here.
Thank you for creating such great inspirational music.

I look forward to your 10th album and your music video.

I might be pushing it, but I sincerely hope I would see you again in the future.

This is by far the best Easter Sunday I've ever had in my life.

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