The 1975 PH ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI Album Release Fanmeet [★]

March 22, 2016

At last, the day has come for The 1975's sophomore album release!

I have been highly anticipating this album. Ever since I seriously fell in love with the band (my admiration for them went up a gazillion-fold after seeing them in concert last year), I have been religiously following their activities on their SNS accounts and absorbing the latest gossips in the band's sub in the reddit website. They've announced several months ago that they are currently working on a new album, which is set to be released February of this year. And at last, it's finally here!

To celebrate this major milestone, the band's local fangroup, The 1975 Philippines, arranged a fan gathering (which is at the same time an album release event) last February 28 at the Black Kings Bar x Cafe at West Avenue, Quezon City.

I came to the fanmeet with my sister (she has come to like the band too :p). We arrived early at the venue so there were not much people in there yet. After doing the registration (and getting my freebies cause I pre-ordered tickets!), we were then allowed to enter the bar.

It was just a small venue. Around 20 tables with average of 5 chairs each occupied the audience area of the bar. The stage was small but it was very close to the tables area. With that setup, I knew this is gonna be an intimate experience with my fellow The 1975 fans.

Since there were nothing much to do yet, I went outside again and bought a physical album of I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (I am getting addicted repeating that phrase over and over again (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜) It costs Php495 and it came with a limited edition mini poster!

Caught in the act! Here I am buying the album!
📷: The 1975 Philippines FB

It was still early and some of the bands to perform tonight were just doing their soundchecks and rehearsals. The 1975's music were also played while waiting for more people to arrive. I was able to hear some unfamiliar songs from the new album. This actually got me off-guard for a bit because I have a plan to do a private listening party at home so that I can fully absorb the beauty of each of their new track. But anyway it turned out fun because I got to listen to the songs with my fellow fans in the venue. This is where I heard She's American for the first time, and I immediately liked it!

With more people coming into the bar, I began to observe a trend. Just like in the concert, my fellow The 1975 fans were mostly wearing black. Also, I have come to realize that the band really has such a young crowd of followers here in the country. Actually even the band members to perform tonight were young too. I really feel old now. (´~`)

Below are some of the performers that I was able to catch that night:

Prince Dundee Valencia
Check out his music @ Soundcloud
This guy has such a deep smooth voice! When I heard his voice, I just wanted to close my eyes and absorb the goodness of his voice together with the music of the acoustic guitar. He sang Settle Down to the delight of the audience. :D

Aggressive Sausage

Don't mind the name, this duo is a power combination. Equipped with a computer and a dj board (? not sure what to call that one), this band produces EDM music that will have you jumping to the dance floor. They covered The City and I really liked it. :D

Py Barbeyto
Hear more from her @ Soundcloud
This lady has such a sweet face that well matches her sweet voice! You won't get tired listening to her.  

Vanessa Mendoza
Listen to her originals @ Soundcloud
I enjoyed her performance of The Sound very much! She did well doing an acoustic version if it.

These kids are really talented! I was surprised I got to like all of the performers that I saw that night. Too bad I was not able to see the rest of the bands because we had to leave early.

Aside from the band performances, there were activities in between, to entertain the audience. Our knowledge about The 1975 was tested through games like guessing which song the lyrics being flashed on the screen came from.

The hosts of the night: (Left) One of the admins of The 1975 Philippines - was not able to catch her name!
(Right) Gelo de Vera
I really enjoyed myself that night! It was my first time to be in a bar with a live acoustic band and all. I think I would want to do more of those stuff.

Find me!
Photo op with fellow fans who bought the album at the venue
Thanks a lot to The 1975 Philippines for organizing this event!

P.S. Album review of I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it will be up on the blog soon! ❤️

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