Onboard Game + Gastro Pub: A Unique Bonding Experience for Barkada Geeks! [★]

May 15, 2016

Honestly I am not a fan of board games. It's not that I don't like them, I'm just not really into playing them. However, I have friends who do, and we decided to spend one Friday night at this newly opened board game resto at Circuit Makati named Onboard Game + Gastro Pub.

The photo that made me decide to try the place out (📷: Onboard Game + Gastro Pub FB page)
Onboard is just a newly-opened restaurant, still in soft launch. Through their FB page, we learned that we needed to make reservations beforehand. We placed ours via SMS two weeks before our planned visit. The staff promptly replied with the confirmation + some of their guidelines in the pub.

Aside from the interesting board games (I am judging everything based on their boxes haha), I was also interest with their food! Just look at the photo of that baby back ribs, it looks so tasty! 😋 And yep, I was able to confirm that. I ordered that exact one from their menu during our visit. I was not disappointed.... well I think I was... because I was not able to finish it all because I was too full already. My friend ordered a matcha drink, and I also wanted to try it. But I already ordered a Watermelon Spike cocktail.  (such gluttony  🙁)

Their cocktail menu. Yes, the food in this place is a bit pricey.

What board game do we choose? The choices are just tooo many!!!
All-in-all, we were able to play the following board games: Exploding Kittens, Splendor, Mysterium, and Takenoko.

The gamecards of Splendor
Solving the murder case in Mysterum
For the first three games, both of my friends knew the rules already, so we just spent the first few minutes of each game with them teaching me the rules. For Takenoko, none of us knew how to play it. We just chose to get that box from the shelf because we thought the Panda was cute. xD

Meet the farmer and the panda of Takenoko.
Good thing, there are staff there who are open to teach the mechanics of a board game to the customers. We asked help from one of them. Though he was able to go about the rules for us, we still had to review the instructions ourselves to better absorb the information. The rules were a bit complicated for this one, and I think we spent at least 30 minutes just learning the game. We then learned to get the rules as our game progressed..

Too bad I was not able to take much photo (heck we didn't have photos of ourselves lol). I loved the place and the food! My favorite games among those we tried are Splendor and Takenoko. We are planning to be back again soon in this place, and I am eager to try playing all of their other board games!

If your friends are into board games, or even if they are newbies, if you enjoy solving puzzles and playing strategy games, then this is a nice place to spend your time bonding and challenging your friends! By the way there is no time limit on your length of stay in the restaurant. There's just a minimum amount of order required for each person. So no need to hurry - you can enjoy playing against your friends while enjoying fantastic food all day all night at Onboard!

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3 (mga) komento

  1. Hi Kat (can I call you that?)!

    This is an awesome concept. Sadly, we don't have this yet in Cebu.

    Any chance they'll open a branch here soon? :)

    P.S. Your blog layout is minimalistic. Love it.

    1. Hi Issa! So far I only know one Onboard branch, but there's a similar resto in Jupiter, Makati called Ludo. I have not visited it yet, but I have heard that it's the more popular boardgame place.

      Yup, it's nice to spend the day in restos like these with your friends who are also into board games! I hope you find a similar one in Cebu, too. :D

    2. We might need to have more board game lovers first. :)

      That Ludo resto seems targeted to hard-core boardgame players.haha.. Thanks for the link.

      I might visit that place with my sibs when I visit Mla.




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