Ramping Up Your Ramyeon! [★]

May 08, 2016

I have come to love ramyeon (라면). Just to not confuse you, instant noodles is 'ramyeon' in Korea while it is called 'ramen' in Japan. I've been to several restaurants that serve ramyeon/ramen but for me, my favorite would always be the version that I make at home.

To be specific, I make kimchi ramyeon. Below is a list of its (super simple!) ingredients:

Shin Ramyun. This is my ultimate favorite ramyeon. I don't buy anything else. Well I tried having other brands, but they just didn't taste the same. This is the best ramyeon for me. :D 

Kimchi. Any kind of kimchi will do. :D

Soft tofu. I like having this on my noodles because it somehow contrasts the spiciness of the soup of the noodles.

Cheese! This ingredient makes the ramyeon creamy! I first discovered the amazing effect of adding cheese to my noodles via a colleague, who told me she deeply enjoys adding cheese spread on her pancit canton. This got me frowning at first because I thought it was a weird combination. However when I tried it myself, I discovered heaven. I super liked it too! Now I got the idea of also adding cheese this time to ramyeon when I got to watch this video by Simon and Martina talking about their ramen hacks. Now I can't anymore eat ramen at home without adding cheese to it!

Soft-boiled egg. I know there's a specific number of minutes to boil your egg so that the yolk comes out soft and gooey. I seem to have learned the technique because every time I cook my eggs, they come out just right. (📷: soshiok.com)

All of these ingredients can be bought from local grocery stores so it should not be difficult to treat yourself some yummy ramyeon, right?

Presenting to you the final form of my ramyeon! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Actually I prefer the cheese to be grated when I put it on my noodles. I still add excessive amounts of grated cheese as I eat because I really like the combination taste of strong cheese flavor and the noodles.

If you also like ramyeon, I recommend you to try creating this one. There are lots of ways to 'upgrade' eating instant noodles, specifically ramyeon. You might have a 'ramyeon hack' yourself, feel free to share it on the comments section. ♪(┌・。・)┌

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