Spotify: Redefining Music As We Know It [☝]

May 09, 2016

Music has always been part of my everyday life. From the time I wake up until falling asleep, there would always be music playing in my background. It elevates my mood and maintains my focus when I'm working/studying/writing blog posts. I don't listen to the radio that much anymore so there was a stage in my life wherein I didn't know anything much anymore about the latest English songs. It was that time when I was only focused in all the happenings in the KPOP scene. Today, I'm not as updated with the latest KPOP songs as before but I still manage to catch the latest tunes from the artists that I like, at the same time I get to familiarize myself with emerging artists in the pop scene, all made possible by this music streaming app called Spotify.

I discovered Spotify through a colleague when we were discussing about our favorite apps on our phones. When I installed it on my phone myself, I discovered a whole new array of music and I got to know artists that create music of my taste.

I am now running on a premium account. Heck, payment for maintaining a premium account has become part of my monthly budget! d(-_^). I don't want to hear ads when I listen to my playlists, especially in the morning.  I use my morning playlist as a timer, and having ads playing when I listen to it would just mess up its main purpose. Also the Available Offline mode is necessary to me, as well as listening to songs on demand because these features allow me to listen to my favorite songs anywhere and anytime I want.

I mainly follow two autoplaylists in Spotify - Discover Weekly and New Music Friday.

It has become a habit for me to check out new songs on the Discover Weekly playlist every Monday at work while I do my morning routine of reading emails and scrubbing tickets in my tasks queue. This goes the same for listening to the New Music Friday playlist at the end of the week. Whenever I stumble on a song that I like, I click the check icon to add a song in my music list. Every weekend, I play my song collection in Spotify, which serve as my music background when I do personal tasks. It's so nice to listen to songs that I like back-to-back!

Through these playlists, I was able to discover lots of wonderful artists. Apparently there are lots of indie artists out there that deserve more love from people! Among my Spotify discoveries are ADHDS, Chairlift, Chase Atlantic, CHVRCHES, Dwntwn,  Great Good Fine OK, Jaymes Young, Joe Brooks, Lukas Graham, and The Madison Letter to name a few. ┏(^0^)┛ I learned also that it's waaaay more fulfilling to support indie artists than the mainstream ones because you get to have a more intimate connection with them. Following very popular artists only gets me frustrated.

Because of Spotify, I seldom use my music player now. Also I don't download songs illegally anymore, which is a good sign because it means I am now supporting the artists I like by streaming their songs. Spotify, together with other music streaming apps (i.e. Spinnr, Deezer) has changed the way people consume music today. I believe that because music streaming, instead of downloading albums over torrent, the market of the music industry today has become more alive as rising artists are able to get more attention through listeners that discover their craft through these apps.

One disadvantage with using Spotify though, specifically, is that some songs that I like are not there (i.e. Taylor Swift and JYJ songs), but I understand that it's a decision of the artist's labels not to include their songs in Spotify. :(

Also another great use of Spotify to me is having the perfect music playlist during my runs/jogs. Using its auto-generated running playlist which has a collection of songs that are based on the artists that are in my music library, I get to listen to energetic songs apt for my jogging tempo. :D

Can I also mention that Spotify is sooo easy to use? It's available in all platforms (there's a web player, desktop app, phone app) which lets you listen to your songs anywhere! It syncs up the music that you have selected across devices that's why it's very convenient to get to your custom playlist and just start playing your music!

I think I have become dependent to Spotify now. (-_-) I would now need to make huge adjustments in case it suddenly disappears from my life. But yeah, I am very thankful that I had discovered this app. It has revolutionized the way I listen to music now. ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪


This post is not in any way a sponsored by Spotify (how I wish!). I just really like the app that's why I dedicated one post here to express all my love on it.

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