Drama Review: 'Descendants of the Sun' [★]

June 25, 2016

I will not lie and will tell you all that I initially watched this drama all because of Song Joong Ki. I adore that guy. I waited like forever for his release from the military. This drama is his first project right after he finished his service. And what's the most suitable role for him during this time? Yup, a soldier. (・∀・)

In the drama, we got to see the gorgeous body he has now after all those training in military. Plus, we see some genuine skills he obtained from the military, like saluting, holding a gun, etc.

Joong Ki might be the primary reason why I watched the drama, but I stuck around and actually finished the drama because I found the story interesting enough for me (one proof on this is that I ditched his drama 'The Innocent Man' before because of its stupid and stressful plot). Descendants of the Sun gave just the right flavor of drama and romance to me.

Right from the first episode, I found the directing of the scenes very well done. It was like watching a movie. I really liked the action scenes and the shot transitions in various episodes.

One thing that I also liked about the drama is the fact that it did not just focus on the love story of the two main characters. They also showed us the life of being a soldier and a doctor, letting us feel all the stress and the emotions that they experience on their work.

I always had great respects for soldiers. I always get teary-eyed when I see a post on reddit about the struggles they experience, especially in coping up with post-war stress. They are such brave heroes, they lead a life of honor. They sacrifice a lot of things in life and they experience the worst in life. I can go on and on with praising them because I can only think of positive things to say about them.

It's the same with doctors. Whenever I needed to go the hospital to consult with one, I always wonder - what if I became a doctor instead? I could remember our Journalism adviser back in high school being surprised with me when she learned I'd be taking up BS Computer Science in college. She said I should pursue becoming a doctor. Well if only I could turn back time, I think I'd follow her advice. It's too late now. :p

Anyway, back to the drama. I really really liked the main characters of this drama. The conflict in their relationship is so realistic and mature. If I were to be placed on that same situation, I would also have the same concerns. Would I really want to be with this person, knowing that he kills, and can be killed everytime he participates in a military operation? Would it be worth it?

Story time! There was that moment during the drama that I had to stop watching an episode because I had to cry my eyeballs out. The plot was too realistic, it hurts. At that moment, I decided I wouldn't watch any episode anymore and that I would just leave the story hanging in my mind. After a few days, I calmed down and continued watching the drama 'til the end. :D

Yup, it was during that scene.
This drama was a big hit in South Korea, maybe because a lot of people can relate to the characters. We know that their country is still in conflict with the North, and that the men do a mandatory military service as part of their responsibilities as a citizen. For sure a lot of conflict arose with those involved with soldiers, and the women could also relate with the stress and suffering Song Hye Kyo's character experienced in the drama.

I was actually glad also that the plot of Descendants of the Sun is not of heavy drama. There were also no third-party characters that unnecessarily made the story complicated.

I really really got to like the drama, even more than how I fangirled over Man from the Stars. It was a very satisfying comeback from Song Joong Ki! :D Good job, my love. xD


Descendants of the Sun is a Korean drama aired on KBS2 in 2016
No copyright infringement intended.

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