Book Reads: The Valkyries (Paulo Coelho) [☝]

June 25, 2016

I really enjoy reading Paulo Coelho's books. His writings give me a kind of enlightenment, like I have just discovered something that is only shown to the chosen ones. There are still several of his titles that I have not read yet, and the urge to buy some of them came rushing to me when I was waiting for someone in the bookstore and I came passing by the bestsellers section and saw his works.

I was in the stage of soul-searching then, and I realized that this is one perfect book to read during that journey.

The Valkyries didn't disappoint me. The book had everything that I have loved among Coelho's works - the mystery, the spiritual awakening, the thrill of adventure, and the inspiration to explore something more in life. I will always be intrigued by his works. Which among those stated in the book is actually a fact, and which one is just placed for literary effect? Coelho writes as if he knows some great secret that he intents to share to the world, but will only be recognized by the chosen ones. I think I already know where I am among his group of readers. :p

This book reminded me to believe in higher powers again. It challenged me to believe in angels. Crazy it may seem, but when you get to experience being just milliseconds from death (that split-second difference on how things happened could have entirely changed my life), you get a life-changing wake-up call and everything changes perspective. That's when you start to believe in destiny, and you start contemplating your life purpose and the rules that govern this life.

Also, the book showed the wonders of meditation, and how listening to that inner voice is a crucial part of living. Feeling the soul grow, and your vision of the horizon getting wider are just among the great effects of clearing your mind when meditating (I wish I could have quiet time as frequent as before though).

There are just some parts of the plot that I was not able to appreciate that much though (maybe because it was too dark or too complicated for me?). I'm just glad there was Chris' character, Paulo's wife, in the story. As an outsider in Paulo's spiritual journey, I got to relate to her thoughts most of the time. As she learned and finally understood the rules, I got that yearning to converse with my own angel too. :D

I'm glad I gave in to that urge to get this book off the shelf of the bookstore. It forever changed certain perspectives I have in life.

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