My BeautyMNL Haul [★]

June 26, 2016

I first encountered this site via a Facebook ad (yeah right, I'd have to admit those annoying buggers are effective). At first I just ignored it, but it was always on my feed that one day I decided to click it out of curiosity. It was during that time that I was beginning to do some investments on makeup. And viola, I found some kind of wonderland in an online website!

I was searching for makeup tips online (as I was not satisfied anymore with my current cc cream product) and I rediscovered the basic makeup routine of primer+foundation+concealer+settingpowder. Browsing the products available on their site, I was hooked in choosing the right foundation for me. I got my eye on CoverGirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation. However, it was out of stock. Good thing though. I was wary of purchasing foundations and concealers in general online actually as I don't get to try it first to check if it would match well with my skin tone and if it would cause allergies on my skin. Despite that, I still managed to choose on some of their items online.

So far I've already ordered from the site twice, and the items always got shipped less than 24 hours after payment!

Package #1

Free: SOS Solenn Sunrise Perfumed Body Cream Sachet

Package #2
Freebies: Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion
Dewy Tree Snail Cream Sampler
Golden Cup Balm in Tin

I was so happy after receiving these items I ordered from BeautyMNL. It's the same high I felt when I got my Clinique products after ordering online. Hurrah to #retailtherapy!

I got the Covergirl foundation at the local SM department store ('coz I cannot wait anymore for it to be in stock at BeautyMNL) and also bought some nail polish shades because I swore I won't be having my nails done at a salon ever again (not very hygienic after all and such a waste of money).

Yay! So far I am enjoying using these items, especially the Covergirl foundation. I use the blending brush from the Ecotools set in applying foundation on my face, then dab them further onto my skin using the blend sponge. The only disadvantage of all of these is that my new skin routine eats up 15 minutes of my precious time for preparing for work. :\

It feels nice to pamper one's self once in a while. Thanks to makeup and skin care products. I think they will be my outlet for stress for the next months to come.

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