Baler 2015 (#6): Pacific Sunrise + Last Day

June 26, 2016

[February 2015]

Baler is on the east side of Luzon, and it's shore extends to the Pacific Ocean. This means we can view the sunrise as the sun goes up from the Pacific ocean itself! I know it may sound like any other sunrise, but thinking that the we are part of the of the first landform that the sunlight will reach after the vast Pacific Ocean is kinda cool!

This is the highlight, for me, of our last day in Baler.

We planned to wake up early to be able to catch the sunrise. I was the first to wake up. I intentionally set my alarm a bit earlier because I really didn't want to take any risks of oversleeping. Also, this is one life lesson I've earned when I was part of an astronomy org back in college. If you need to observe a solar eclipse or any other astronomical events in that case, never be late. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance and nature will never wait for you.

I went outside ahead of Krishan and Jo to find a good spot to watch the sunrise along the shore. It's already breaking dawn then and light can already be seen in the horizon.

Surprisingly, there were already a lot of people along the shore. Some were jogging while others were just walking leisurely along the beach with their respective groups.

Krishan and Jo joined me a few minutes afterwards. While waiting for the sun to rise, we bought some tupig from a local vendor (coz we haven't eaten anything yet! *hungry*)

We spent the next several minutes just walking along the shore, observing people. We looked at the East every now and then anticipating the sunrise.

Finally, we saw a bright spot among the mountains - that's where the actual sun will come up!

Apparently, a lot of people were also waiting for this. A lot of people were taking photos as the sun emerged from behind the mountains.

Me eclipsing the sun. :p

When the sun was already up in the sky (and it was too hot already hehe), we searched for a place to eat! We saw this restaurant by the bay that offered unlimited breakfast buffet. *yum!*

There's fried rice, hotdog, ham, bread, egg, and soup. 
After having that hearty breakfast, we walked along the beach again. By that time, there were a lot of people surfing already. I got a bit sad again because the memories of yesterday came rushing back xD Our bus' scheduled departure for Manila was during the afternoon, so we already went back to our hotel to pack up.

We used some of our remaining time to go around the area to buy some souvenirs and local delicacies to bring home. We went to this famous store in Baler: Nanay Pacing Homemade Products,

And that's basically how our last day in Baler was spent! I was really glad we were able to push through this vacation.

So long, Baler! I'll be conquering your waves when I get back. :D

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