Music N Lens: My #PassionProject for Music & Photography [❁]

October 20, 2016

I've grown to love going to concerts through the years. Actually, this blog is a witness on how this casual hobby became a passion that I want to pursue more seriously from now on.

From once concert to another. ♥(ノ´∀`)

I believe concerts is where I'm happiest.

Music is my life. My most favorite tracks accompanied me in the lowest times of my life. Music calmed me down whenever I woke up because of a nightmare in the middle of the night. Music was there when I was happy, when I was sad, or just whenever I needed to relax and be lost in thoughts (especially during long road trips! #emomode).

Imagine my most favorite songs being performed live on stage by the very people who created it.
Imagine a whole massive crowd who share that same passion as me with the music and the artist on stage. Imagine them all singing all their heart out together with the artist on stage. That is heaven right there. 

It so happened that whenever I go to concerts, I was always the one holding the camera. I didn't have good camera back then, and I was satisfied capturing the stage with all the glimmering lights dancing to the songs. When I got a better point-and-shoot camera, things changed. I got fascinated more and more with music photography.

It became a habit. A concert will never be complete without photos and videos.

It came to a time that I realized this has become a passion. I realized this is something that I enjoy doing, and I want to continue doing it some more! This dream actually came true. Several months later, I was contacted by a KPOP fansite admin because she saw the photos I took in the 2NE1 concert I attended to. I was then recruited to cover KPOP concerts (which involved taking photos!) for that site. During my course as a staff, I was able to cover 3 KPOP concerts held here in Manila!

I covered Best of Best in PH, Epik High, and VIXX concerts for KondaKorea.

I knew I had to put this passion to the next level, so when I saw Kris Rocha's music photography workshop earlier this year (she's one of the concert photographers I follow), I signed up right away. With her guidance, I was able to learn the tricks and trades of the music photography industry.

The first concert where I applied what I learned in that workshop is the one with Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK. I compared the set of photos I took from this concert, and I already saw the difference from my past concert photos.

I was thoroughly enjoying immersing myself in concerts. It came to the point where my FB homepage was all about concerts! To avoid irking my non-concert-ish friends, I decided to create a dedicated Twitter and an Instagram account to further pursue my concerts passion! Through these accounts, I now have the freedom to spazz whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Twitter: @musicnlens

for promoting concerts, following artists, and spazzing about them!
I love spreading the love to fellow concert fans. Based on social media marketing skills that I learned as a staff in that KPOP site, I now spread concert-related news in this Twitter account so all the fans will be on-the-know in the latest news and concert dates here in Manila!

Instagram: @musicnlens

for all photos that I've taken from concerts
I tend to post a lot of photos whenever I go to a concert. I don't want to flood my followers anymore, so I will pour out all the photos that I want posted in this account! This will also serve as my online portfolio as a concert photography enthusiast. :D

Currently I only have a handful of followers, but my posts have spread across the audience that I want - the fans themselves! I get so thrilled when I learned that I could actually reach out to a lot of people online. This is what you call spreading the love! ♥

As long as I have the opportunity (and the time *crossing my fingers*), I will continue maintaining these accounts.

Here's to my love for music and photography! 

Music N Lens Twitter | Instagram

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