Netflix Series Review: Nevertheless

August 22, 2021

Who would be able to resist a man who is very good looking, and has the smoothest moves? But he comes with a caveat: he doesn't want to commit to you, because you are just one of the many women he's sleeping with. Would you still take it?

When one falls in love, all logic goes out of the window. I guess this is what happened to Nabi, the heroine of this drama entitled Nevertheless.. Fresh from a bad breakup, she meets Jae-eon in a bar. In the instant that their eyes met, she feels that intense physical attraction. And this is where the madness starts. Jae-eon is handsome-playboy personified. Being involved with him makes Nabi so confused: her heart (and body?) says yes, but her mind says no. 😕

When I started watching this drama on Netflix, I didn't know that it was based on a webtoon. Later on, I spoiled myself by learning that in the webtoon, Nabi actually doesn't end up with Jae-eon, but with her childhood friend, Do Hyeok. I felt hopeful upon reading it, because I knew Jae-eon will never be the real deal and Do Hyeok is the better guy for Nabi. But nope, the drama went for the opposite ending.

I had a lot of takeaways from this drama, so let's break them down here, shall we? 😃
  • The drama portrayed a relationship with all the dirt and conflict that comes with it. 
    This was so different from the other Korean dramas that I have watched. It was audacious to present this "friends with benefits" theme especially to a generally conservative Korean audience. But I guess it's time to undress the ideology of romantic relationships. There will be infidelities and commitment issues especially in the presence of swipe-left-swipe-right apps today. I really liked how the drama presented the effects of these technologies in the mindset of romantic relationships, especially for the youth of today.
  • Communication is crucial in relationships. Fresh from the lessons I learned from a book, it was easy for me to identify the gaps of the other relationships presented in the drama (yes feeling expert na? 😂): it's the lack of open and honest communication. For Oh Bit-na and Nam Kyuhyun, they had different expectations with their relationships. Bit-na wanted to remain promiscuous, while Kyuhyun wanted to be exclusive. Once they had the talk, both parties agreed to be loyal to each other.

    Same goes with Yoon Sol  and Seo Jiwan. Apparently, both of them liked each other. Jiwan was just so afraid of how it would affect their friendship, that's why she didn't show her feelings for Yoon Sol initially. But Yoon Sol declared that she will always be there for Jiwan no matter what (I love that swing scene by the way). And so they agreed to bring their relationship to the next level.
  • Being in a relationship will always have risks... and Nabi is ready to gamble everything for Jae-eon, even if she already knows she can still get hurt in the future. Again, this is the reality of most relationships, and I'm glad that this drama presented it as it is. Although I have to admit, I didn't like the ending at all. Where is the redemption of Nabi's character? Unfortunately, there was none, because she again fell into the trap that is Jae-eon. For me, the story reveal, that Jae-eon fell for Nabi from the very start after seeing her in the exhibition hall, didn't change things at all. He still had commitment issues. He was a jerk to Nabi. I don't know how the OG webtoon fans feel about this ending of the Kdrama version, but even with the Kdrama plot as the only basis, I wish Nabi stood up for herself and stayed away from Jae-eon for good. She already told this herself - what they have is not love. Although the last few minutes of the last episode gave glimpses that Jae-eon was changing for the better, tables might have already been turned. We saw this time, that it was Nabi who had conflicted feelings upon seeing Do Hyeok at the restaurant. *sigh*.

    By they way, I really liked that snowy day scene wherein we can see Do Hyeok looking back at Nabi outside the exhibition hall. He was all blurred out in the background, but we all know when it was shown again in the last episode, that it was him in his military uniform.
Nevertheless is such a gamechanger in the Kdrama scene. From showing daring bed scenes (hellooo we have dramas wherein the main couple share very minimal skinship, that's why it's a big event when they finally share a kiss lol), to presenting a lesbian couple (SolJiwan ftw! Can I just say I loved the way the drama presented the development of their relationship? The ending was so satisfying), this drama truly stands out from the rest. Maybe this will pave the way that other dramas will follow through?

Anyway, I would like to dedicate this song to Nabi, Taylor Swift's Treacherous, because I'm sure this is her theme song for Jae-eon. 😅

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