SimplyPiano & PianoMaestro: Apps for Learning Piano!

October 15, 2017

You might have seen on the blog that I have been self-studying playing the piano for years. Well I have tried having formal lessons with a teacher, but I didn't have that much significant progress after our 8 sessions, and I also figured that I didn't want that kind of learning method. I want my learning process to be enjoyable. 😅

In finding alternatives, I chanced upon two applications that I got to install on an iPad: Piano Maestro and Simply Piano, both made by JoyTunes. Both apps introduce a very interactive way of learning the piano.

The Basic Setup: Piano + iPad
Both the Piano Maestro and Simply Piano can be used with or without an actual piano. If you do have a piano, you can use that to actually play the music notes that will be displayed by the application on the app. Meanwhile, you can use the touch-screen piano keys on the app if you don't have the former option available.

It's way better to have your own piano when learning with these two apps because you also improve your technique on playing. If your piano has a MIDI port, you can connect the piano and the iPad via a cable so the apps can track your piano notes more accurately. For me, this is the best setup possible!

Both Piano Maestro and Simply Piano require a paid subscription to unlock all the features. I think Piano Maestro is more catered for children so I got to like using Simply Piano more because of the variety of lessons/techniques being introduced to users (i.e. pop chords, jazz chords).

Simply Piano app reminds the user everyday of a 5-min workout
session to further improve your playing technique.

Simply Piano has some basic piano sheets available for the users to practice on.

Simply Piano has some popular pop songs too!
If you are also self-studying the piano like me, I recommend you to try these apps. They offer a very fun way of learning the piano! 

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