CA Trip 2015 (#2): Morning Jog at Leo J. Ryan Park [★]

January 22, 2017

Next day was a Sunday so it was still a chill-out day for us. My roommate asked us if we wanted to jog around the area of our hotel. She is one of my officemates who is very physically active - she (together with her husband) is the organizer of almost all of our hikes and out-of-town activities.  I told her I'd join her, 'cause why not? During that time, I really didn't jog, but I'd love to experience doing morning walks in a different country (fast forward, I actually got to do this in Seoul!). Well it turned out that it was only me among the team who was up for the jogging. So that's why I woke up early Sunday morning to prepare! 

Good thing somehow I had some outfit for running, some of which I just actually bought the previous day during our Gilroy shopping. Everything was perfect... except for the shoes. I only had my trekking shoes with me! No one is supposed to jog with their hiking shoes, right? It's not made for that kind of activity, thus the possibility of causing you injury (trust me guys, I learned this the hard way 😭). But I didn't have a choice then, so I wore my trekking shoes for our morning walk. But wait, there's more! I had a sling bag with me during our jog (Amateurs. *sigh*)! 

We walked passed a number of business buildings. The ambiance gave me BGC feels. 😄
When we went outside, it was a bit cold. Good thing I already anticipated that, thus the jacket. I realized it was so nice to walk around in the early morning because it feels so fresh and peaceful. Nearby was the Leo J. Ryan Park (named after a congressman). We decided to go there.

Upon arrival, we saw several ducks! Wow! I got really amazed because this was an unexpected scenery. The park was so beautiful. If we had one like this in Manila near our house, I'd jog every morning there. I also noticed the place was so clean - no sign of any kind of trash, even on the Central Lake!

We jogged around the park for a few times. There were also some other joggers in the park. We even saw one group doing Tai Chi! Because it was my first time to jog after a very long time, I got tired fast. I didn't make it obvious of course. I still have not mastered breathing techniques (like the one I learned during our Batulao hike) so I was really catching my breath. Good thing the air is so fresh there I didn't bother inhaling deeply. The sun was up after a while so we decided to just take a walk around the lake. We reached a highway overpass with a space at the side for pedestrians/ cyclists. How cool is that! 

We also passed by a soccer field with kids playing.

We saw some birds among the grassy fields again. I took photos of my roommate first. When it was my turn, they all flew away to the lake! This is how my photo with them turned out. 😁

We then continued to walk farther from the park. Google Maps was our guide. We took photos of the nice views along the way.

Apparently it was still a long bit of walking to the hotel. Still, I got to enjoy it. My roommate and I talked about a lot of things - from prenup photos to weddings, animes we watched as a child (apparently we are both big fans of Cardcaptor Sakura!), cosplaying, investments to do in life. Very random, right? 😂

I really enjoyed that morning jog (although it was a bit tiring hehe). I would love to live in a neighborhood like that, so peaceful and clean! We got back to our hotel feeling energized!

Next post - our tour around San Fransisco! Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. ay nako tinalo mo ko sa mga backlogs hahahah! 2015 pa pala ito. ako mga 2016 na di ko pa napost eh hayyyss!

    1. Oo marami pa talaga kong backlog! Hahaha! Dami pang trip na di ko na-blog. :p


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