Mobile Game: Limbo

January 01, 2017

📷: Wikipedia
This is one of the few games that I have purchased off the Google Play Store ( alongside Monument Valley). I cannot remember anymore how I discovered this game, it was already some time back then. I just remembered this game again during the Christmas holidays wherein I decided to reinstall it. Instantly, I got hooked again. I played it throughout the holidays, and this time I was able to finish the game! 😃

This game is very minimalist - from the black and white UI to the sound effects and background music. Those just add actually to the creepiness and eeriness of the game. There are only a few details given about the plot of the game also.

One of my favorite parts: encounter with the giant spider (📷: Google Play)
The puzzles and obstacles that our protagonist boy has to endure throughout his adventure in the game are just mind-blowing. They involve lots of physics, from moving boxes to anti-gravity motions, and having the correct timing is the key strategy to conquering the game. I like the fact that every object in the game can be used as a tool to get across various traps - those ropes, boxes, logs - use them in creative ways in the game. It's all about being resourceful actually. As we go through the next chapters, the puzzles become more challenging. I had to consult to Google on some of the stages. 😬 It's nearly impossible to get past those stages unscathed. Good thing, the boy has infinite life - he can die over and over again. The cause of death of our protagonist boy can be very gruesome and tragic though - in some cases he'll be decapitated or just plain crushed by a falling boulder (the game is rated 16+ by IARC Generic in Google Play).

Aside from that cool gameplay, the storyline of Limbo is what made me long for the game after I have finished it. The ending gave me goosebumps (and I screamed, together with my niece and sister who were watching me play. because it was abrupt and unexpected, and I hate endings like that). There were lots of questions that got raised throughout the game (Why is the boy in that forest in the first place? What happened to him? Who are those people who are trying to kill him? What happened to his sister?). I researched on articles online and I discovered that players have the same concerns. This one article from Kotaku satisfyingly explained the possible plot of the game and underlying conclusions about the characters.

I was so drawn and moved by the game that I sent a gratitude email to Playdead, the game's developers. They actually have another game called Inside, and I told myself I'd purchase it as a reward for a goal that I want to accomplish this month.


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