Dressing Up As a Disney Character

January 04, 2017

I have never cosplayed before. I didn't have the opportunity, and plus I know I don't have the creativity to pull a decent one off.

Well apparently you'll never know until you try! For our company's Christmas party, the theme was Disney Ball. Together with two of my friends at the office, we initially planned to dress up as characters from the Disney series Descendants! 😀

our pegs for the Christmas party
However due to certain circumstances, our plans changed. Jo Anne (of Say YES to Adventure, go check out her blog!) came in as modern Snow White, and Krishan (I know he also has a blog, I'll link back once I get the details!) came as himself! 😂

For me I dressed up as Evie!

Evie is the descendant of the evil queen in Snow White

Err hello, I'm Evie. (📷: Jo Anne G.)
This photo below was my guide actually. The key items of my costume were the tiara, the necklace with the red stone pendant, the blue dress, and the blue hair!

It took me several days to collect parts of my costume. It was kinda stressful actually, I'd go to the mall after office almost every day of the week prior to the party scouting for the items that I needed for my costume. The blue hair part was a tricky one. Thankfully I found a temporary hair color product from Cospray! I ordered some at BeautyMNL and fortunately the items came just a day after ordering online!

We were really dead serious about being in costume for the party. Me and Jo hired a HMUA (hair and make-up artist) to do our look! (Thank you Ms PJ! Will link here bio here later...)

the power of makeup!

Well all the effort was worth it! 😃 I had so much fun at the party posing with everyone. I even got to get a photo with my character's mother, the evil queen herself! 😍

Mom! 😂 (📷: Jo Anne G.)
Even my teammates went full and beyond with their costumes. It was the last Christmas party of our company before we get acquired so we gave it all for a last hurrah for our beloved company!

posing with Snow White! (📷: Krishan T.)

With Pocahontas and Moana (📷: Ino S.)

Some of the winners of the "best in costume" contest! Congrats evil queen! 😀
It was so fun! We were also able to go around the hotel of our venue to take more photos!

Our photographer that night! 😊

It was really a night to remember. Even though changes were about to come, we could all go have fun and laugh together! Hope this fairytale never ends. 💓

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