Drama Review: The Last Cinderella [★]

February 28, 2017

The Last Cinderella is one of those dramas that I really enjoyed to bits. It was an unexpected find, but it brought me into a world with interesting characters who I learned to love in just a short period of time. 
The poster is a bit provocative, but the story is not (I think haha).
I accidentally discovered this drama through Viu, an Asian Drama streaming app. I was just carelessly browsing the available dramas when I saw this. The culprit was really Haruma Miura.😍 I last saw him in Bloody Monday way back when I was in college. I really liked him back then, and it was a pleasant surprise to discover a drama with him in it! 

I watched the first episode there and then, and I got hooked already. The drama is just 11 episodes long, which was another sell out for me. I watched it on the iPad every night before going to sleep. This is the reason I got shorter hours of sleep for the several days that followed.

The Last Cinderella follows the story of Sakura Toyama (Ryoko Shinohara), a late-thirties woman, who falls in love with Hiroto Saeki (Haruma Miura) who is around 10 years younger than her. Their relationship started as just a setup (Hiroto had a mission, courtesy of his half sister, to seduce Sakura) but through a whirlwind of events, he ends up truly loving her. The story surrounds that conflict, and on how Hiroto and Sakura would prove that their love is genuine for each other.

There were lots of interesting characters in the story, including Sakura's friends Shima and Chiyoko. They are both in their early forties also and the drama tackles the problems a woman that age struggles in life. With the recurring theme of the drama which involves intimate scenes and topics, I'd rate it as R-13. It was entertaining because the story tackled real-life situations and problems between couples and friends.

It's been a while since I watched a Japanese drama, and I can just notice the difference of that of a Japanese drama from a Korean drama. The characters actions are like that of an anime, which was weird but refreshing to me at the same time.

Why should you watch The Last Cinderella?

🌸See Haruma Miura's hotness! 🌸

You'll witness how Haruma seduces a woman he wants, and fights for real love once he realizes his feelings are already real for Sakura.

🌸Watch Haruma's BMX skills!🌸

There are a lot of scenes in the drama where Haruma rides a BMX and does some complicated stunts in a professional competition. You'd think at first he has a double, but you'll realize eventually that it's actually him who is riding the bike the whole time (well that's what I think)!

🌸Meet handsome leading men!🌸
Rintaro, is that really you? 😯

Aside from Haruma, we have Naohito Fujiki as the other love interest of Sakura in the drama. I found him handsome, but I never realized he was that charming! I googled photos of him for this post, and oh my, he's a looker! 💓

🌸Realize that ladies, regardless of age, can still go out and have fun🌸

Sakura's circle of friends Shima, and Chiyoko did a lot of girl night outs in the drama. This just shows anyone can still have the time of their life by 40. These ladies aged gracefully (I hope I'd be the same haha).

🌸Learn life lessons🌸

Throughout the series, Japanese proverbs / sayings flash on the screen, appearing on the walls, papers, and almost on every props in the set. They are witty, and will make you appreciate the lessons life has shown you so far. Some of those sayings that stood out to me (a.k.a. those I could remember) are the following:

"A fruitless crush is the most memorable."

"Life is precious because there is no restart."

This drama came into my life during the time I needed a distraction the most. It really helped me get through that difficult phase. Thank You Universe. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence in this life. :)

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