CA Trip 2015 (#3): Sutro Baths - A Visit to an Ancient BathHouse

March 03, 2017

[October 2015]

Our plan for the whole Sunday was not really set. Initally, we were planning to commute to San Fransisco from our hotel (much like how we did it the last time). However during our breakfast, a colleague volunteered to drive us around SFO (or anywhere we wanted perhaps!). Hehe thanks again Brian!

And so our plan got settled - we'll be visiting Sutro Baths, a historical landmark in the Lands Area coast. We've googled a bit about it and was quite fascinated about the place. Sutro Baths was once a public bath in the late 1890s. What remains now are the ruins of the place.

I think this place is not very well-known / usually ignored by the locals. I remembered when we were at the office the following days, our colleagues frowned or asked more questions when we said we went to the Sutro Baths during the weekend. 😂

just look at those trees... scary 😓

The place was a 30-minute drive from our hotel in Foster City. It was a bit foggy that morning. Good thing I already have my fleece jacket with me (which I bought the previous day) On our way there, the surroundings looked like we were in a haunted movie. Hahaha.

3/4 of the gang!

Here's a short clip of our adventures there!

There were a fair amount of tourists there. It was so windy in that area, which made me feel way way colder! My fleece jacket was a life saver because somehow I felt comfortable with the cold. The waves were strong. If you look at the map, you'll see those waters already stretch out into the Pacific Ocean!

Things can get dangerous...noted. 😓

There it is!

Excuse the hair. 😅

yup, that one used to be a bath house!

This area stinks actually.. maybe this was once a public toilet?

To go nearer the ocean, we had to do some minor trekking. I was only wearing some slip-on shoes so I was not really that confident to step on those rocks. If only I knew we'd go through something like this, I would have worn my hiking shoes (that I used to jog earlier that day).

My three colleagues went up to this rock by the sea, as it looks like there was a view up there because the other tourists were climbing too. I chose not to take the risk (I didn't wanna die overseas 😆) so I told them I'll stay behind. I took all their cameras and just took photos of them while they climbed.

The waves were rushing in even around the rocks. Going down, they had to go for the right timing the waves were rolling back to the sea so that their shoes won't get wet.

waiting for the waves to pass 😆
It was so refreshing to see the Sutro Bath ruins! It was also fascinating to imagine that this place was once a huge bath house, and also amazing that parts of it still stand today.

Next stop - crossing the world-famous Golden Gate bridge!


Sutro Baths

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