Moving From Android to iOS [★]

February 12, 2017

I never thought the time would come that I would actually transfer from using Android (Nexus 5, which was my phone for the last 3 years!) to using an iPhone. I am an avid fan of Android. I even attempted to learn how to develop applications in it, Because of the resources currently available to me, I had the option to switch to an iPhone.

Here are some things to note when doing the great move.

Transfer your files from your Android phone to your iPhone using the Move to iOS app.

Back up your files.

I know this should be an SOP for everyone already but in case you don't regularly do this for your phone, now's the time to do it. Back up your files (either in your PC or online).

Check the sim card size of the phones.
Usually newer models of phones have smaller sim card sizes. Double-check if you have the correct size for your new phone. Else, your network carrier can help you convert the sim card size, retaining the same mobile number. My transfer required a transfer from a micro sim to a nano sim. I just cut mine with a scissor.😂Do this at your own risk though, as one mistake in cutting the edges would make the sim card unusable.

Download the Move to iOS app.
Install this app on your Android phone. On your iPhone, there's an option to import data from Android (this feature currently only appears in the Setup process when you do a factory reset). This is a very useful option because it enables you to transfer all data across your phones - messages, photos, files, even applications (your iPhone will attempt to find and download the corresponding app in the AppStore).

These are the three items on my checklist for setting up your iPhone, but there's a few that I'd like to add, especially if you've been using the iPhone for a while and is planning to do a factory reset on it: remember the credentials of your Apple ID and safekeep your iPhone's receipt of purchase. I thought the process of transferring data between my phones would take only a few hours, but because I forgot my Apple ID credentials, it took days. 

For my case, I did a factory reset so that I could use the Move to iOS app. Apparently after doing the reset, I would need to input my Apple ID credentials to activate the phone again. This is part of Apple's high level of security, to make the phone unusable in case it gets lost or stolen. I had to call Apple support several times to retrieve my account (it was more complicated than what I expected because I didn't pass my account's security questions 😅). Good thing I still kept the device's receipt. That's what I sent over to Apple Support to prove that I am the owner of the device. After two days, my phone got unlocked. Yay!

I've been using the new phone for a week now, and so far so good! My screen is now a bit smaller, but I'm getting used to it. You've served me good my Nexus 5, but now it's time to retire. Hello there iPhone, and hey Siri, my new virtual assistant! 😊

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    1. Yup! Hehe. I'm surprised walang Android hangover. Saya palal mag-Apple! :D


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