MAMA 2016 Livestreaming Party c/o Tribe PH [★]

February 05, 2017

I am always grateful whenever I have opportunities to go to media events as a blogger. It happens that some of them are KPOP-related, like this one. Hmmm how did those people know that I like KPOP? 😜

When I first saw the email for this invite, I had a minute heart attack. For a few seconds, I thought I was being invited to come to the MAMA 2016 ceremonies in person! Well it turned out it was an invitation for a livestreaming party c/o Tribe PH! 😂

I went there with my KPOP fangirl-colleague, Darcy!
The livestreaming party was held at the Mango Tree restaurant in BGC. We were at the VIP section, together with other media people and fellow KPOP fans, some of which I recognized as officers in charge of past KPOP Cons in the country.

We got there at the venue quite early actually. Because of that, we were able to choose our seats which was the couch directly facing the screen where the livestreaming will be projected!

Our view during the event! Ashley Gosiengfiao was there, seated at the right side of the screen near the front.
Jinri Park was one of the hosts there. She sure is a regular in hosting KPOP events! Remember she also was the host at the CNBLUE presscon back in 2013.

performers dancing to BlackPink's "Boombayah"

Alodia Gosengfiao, one of the country's famous cosplayers, was there (her sister being there was a huge giveaway 😂). I fangirled seeing her because I follow her on Instagram and on Youtube.

Glaiza de Castro, one of the country's in-demand actresses (she stars in GMA 7's Encantandia), was also present at the livestreaming party.

Glaiza is well-known among the KPOP community because she's also a fan herself, mostly of YG artists like 2NE1 and Big Bang. She publishes her fangirling adventures on her SNS, just like any other fangirls out there. #cute

After the introduction of the celebrity guests, the livestreaming started! We caught the part where Taeyeon was being awarded as Best Female Artist of the year.

There are lots of bands today and most of those featured in the awards night were unfamiliar to me. Sad to say, I am not updated with the groups anymore. I'm mostly familiar with the second-generation idols. #iamold #ahjummafan

I realized BTS is one of the hottest bands now because the crowd always went wild whenever the band was on screen. EXO was still a hit - there were fans in the venue waving the band's lightstick showing full support for them !

Fangirls. 😅

We were able to talk to this one girl sitting beside us. She also was already zoning out of the MAMA program because she didn't know the bands. We shared the same sentiment: we missed our bias groups - Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, among others - that are not present in that year's ceremonies. We found it really funny that apparently we share the same thoughts about the "generation gap" among the fans present in the livestreaming party. We learned that she's one of the moderators of the Eyes On RYU IG account and has more fangirling experiences than both me and Darcy.

After the program was finished, the hosts came up the stage again and awarded two people at the party for coming in their best KPOP costumes! There was also someone who won roundtrip tickets to South Korea.


It was indeed a fun night! My fangirling side was ignited to life again. 👍


Read here the official press release of the event, published on KPOPChannelTV

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