Color Manila: Black Light Run 2017 (My Last Fun Run?)

July 16, 2017

I am not really a fan of fun runs. I've been in two so far (ScholaRun and NatGeo). Though I enjoyed the experience, I concluded that this kind of event is not really for me. I just didn't like how commercialized everything is. But well, I still did not learn. When I saw the ad for Color Manila, I got intrigued because it's a different kind of fun run: it happens at night, and you have black lights as part of the running kit (+ their shirts were beautiful!).

The fun run squad! (📷: Krishan)
I dragged my two best friends to this event - Krishan and Jo. 😁 I'm very thankful these two are always game to join me in my adventures. Compared to the previous two fun runs that I joined, the singlet marathon drifit shirt for this event is the best one I've seen! So actually, getting the shirt is already worth it. 😊

Event day. It was actually drizzling that night, and we were seriously considering backing out. But well we were already there, so why not push it until the end. It was kinda frustrating because everyone was clueless of what is happening. Everyone was already at the Start area, but there weren't any kind of advise from the organizers. What time are we starting? Where is the line for the 5K runners, etc? And it didn't help that the rain was drizzling down. People were already complaining.

I am 100% sure the gunshot times did not get followed, as the runners were all jumbled up. I think we heard at least 5 gunshots signalling the runners to start the race. Uh, I think what the organizers did was that they just let the runners go by batch, regardless of what route they were running. It was really total chaos. This experience further affirmed my decision to not join any fun run anymore!

Because there were a lot of people running, I couldn't really run. Running continuously needed some serious effort because you have to go zigzag to avoid the other runners. Apparently not all runners know about 'running ethics' - if you are only brisk walking or running slowly, or because of some reasons you need to rest and pace down a bit, you go to the right side of the track. Runners who want to overtake should do it on the left side (same logic when driving along highways actually). Because not all people are familiar of this "rule", it's also chaotic even during the run itself. It's even worse because most people are running slow because they were taking pictures and Instagramming themselves. 🙄

There was one part during the race that we passed a fire truck, and they shot water to us runners!!! Good thing I had water proof bags. But OMG we were soaking wet! Then there were parts where people were splashing neon powder to the passing runners. In fairness I liked that part. I love the effect of the neon powder with the black lights.

After finishing the race, we had to claim our race medal at the booth located at that muddy open field. The process of going there was torture because the mud was unbelievable!!!

At the end of the day, it was still all fun. It was definitely a different kind of fun run experience. But for sure, I won't be joining one anymore. I'm done.

The after-race shot. 😀
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2 (mga) komento

  1. I heard there were lots of trash left after the NatGeo run. Its just disgusting to hear a feedback like that especially that the run was all about the environment, di ba?

    P.S. I like that shirt too!

    1. Hi Pretty Mommy! ;)

      That's true! It's very ironic right - it's an event that campaigns for protecting Mother Nature, but look at what the runners are doing -- leaving their trash (specifically plastic cups) on the side of the road). :(


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