Lumix ZS70: First Impression

July 30, 2017

I have been using my current point-and-shoot camera for around 3 years now, so I thought it's time to do an upgrade! Within the span of those years, lots of new camera models have been available in the market bundled with useful and cooler features and specs. Among the large array of camera models, my choice landed on Lumix ZS70!

Lumix ZS70: the perfect travel & concert photography camera!
(at least for me 😁)
I decided to be loyal with the Lumix brand because I've been a ZS30 user for years and that camera upped my concert experience to a whole new level. I've used my ZS30 in 90% of the concerts that I have attended so far. The 20x optical zoom of the lens allowed me to shoot close-up photos of the artist on stage even if I were seated in the General Admission section of the venue. 😂

I am sure shooting with the ZS70 will be a greater experience, as it's optical zoom can go up to 30x! 

LUMIX DC-ZS70 (also known as TZ90) was announced by Panasonic last April 2017. Even though it's just a few months now since its official release, I already got my hands to one as I purchased it from Amazon (thanks to a colleague who happened to be travelling in the US during that time. 😉)

These are basically the features that made me decide to choose the ZS70 camera. For a more detailed comparison of the two units, head over to DPReview.

Uncompressed Format Image
Optical Zoom
Manual Focus

ZS70 is bigger and heavier compared to ZS30, but still it's still classified as a compact point-and-shoot camera and can surely pass Security for most concert events. Plus with a more powerful zoom, I can shoot closer photos and videos of my favorite artist on stage! 😍

Sample Photos
So I did a quick test of the ZS70 using my pets as subjects (🐱🐶). I set both the ZS30 and ZS70 with the setup below:

Shutter Priority Mode
ISO 800
Shutter Speed: varying from 1/30 - 1/60

These are unedited photos. Pixlr Express was used to create the collage.
These photos were shot in RAW format, converted to DNG (via Adobe Camera Raw so that my PC can recognize the files),
and converted to JPG (via the native Photos app of Windows 10)
I used Lightroom to edit some underexposed photos, like the one below. Because the images taken by the ZS70 camera is in RAW format, the details of the photos are preserved during post-processing.

editing the exposure

After reading the User's Manual (yes you need to read that!), I've discovered some more features that are available on the ZS70:
  • post-focus and focus-stacking via the 4K Mode
  • panorama selfie shot
  • buddy shutter trigger
  • beauty retouch

There you go! These are my learnings and observations on my first day of using the ZS70. I am very excited to use this camera to capture photos during my travel and shoot artists in concerts!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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