Seoul Trip 2016: Day 2 ~ Seoul Forest

September 17, 2017

Day 2 of our Seoul Autumn adventure continues!~

Our first destination for that day was Seoul Forest! This nature park, located at Seongdong-gu, Seoul is a great place to just chillax and be closer to nature. It's an extra special experience to go there during the autumn season because the trees are wearing their glorious red, orange, and yellow colors! ðŸ‚🍂🍂

As usual, I woke up early again the next day (I got so used to waking up around 5AM because of work). After prepping up, I checked my friends and learned that Rey just woke up. 😑 Oh okay. So Mel and I chose to walk around the hostel again to explore stuff while waiting for Rey to prepare.

Since we have already explored the Cheonggyecheon Stream yesterday, we decided to go and check out the subway area. There were underpasses near the subway station containing lines of stores selling a lot of different stuff.
the entrance to the stalls near the subway station
There were lots of souvenirs for sale in the stalls. Because it was still early, some stores were still closed.

We saw this restaurant near the subway station. Mel and I decided we'll have our breakfast here the next day. 😋

And so we waited for Rey at the subway station. Mel and I were already at the other side of the subway (already beeped our train cards) when Rey realized he forgot his T-money card at the hostel!😬We decided to proceed to ride the subway Seoul Forest, and Rey would just catch up with us.
Here's Rey frantically looking into his wallet for his train card.
In our chat group, we just sent Rey the instructions on how to go to Seoul Forest station. It's actually easy because the subway has lots of useful signs to guide everyone which exit to go to.

After going out to Exit 3, we actually got a bit lost because we turned left instead of turning right. 😅

We were getting lost when we took this picture.
But meh, the scenery was good so why not snap some photos first? 😆
When we finally realized that this route we took was leading us to nowhere, we decided to retrace our steps and go back to the subway station exit. We tried walking to the other side, and look what we found - we arrived at Understand Avenue!

Apparently this is a fairly new shopping complex. The shops are built with shipping containers, which gave the place a very unique look.

Too bad we didn't really had the chance to check out the stores. We went to this one restaurant where we decided to eat our breakfast (while we waited for Rey to arrive).

After a few minutes, Rey finally arrived. Looks like he didn't actually got lost. 😁 And so after eating our bountiful breakfast at the restaurant (which also involved some coke spilling), we walked our way to Seoul Forest!

awkward selfie at the entrance of Seoul Forest 😂
As expected, the place was gorgeous! I wanted to hug the trees and thank them for being so beautiful. Autumn is now my favorite season. 💗

We just leisurely walked around and absorbed every inch of this wonderful scenery.

I really liked the contrast of the view of the modern city buildings and the autumn trees in this park.

Err my friends told me to pose here haha!

We also saw this Butterfly Garden and we decided to go inside and explore. It was like we were in a zoo. There were lots of animals inside!

So here are the butteflies.... but they're dead already. 😪
We also met this one cat that I think lives inside Seoul Forest. It was my first encounter with a Korean cat. 😻

So one of the main things we were looking forward to our Seoul Forest visit was feeding the deer!

The deer were in an enclosure and visitors can feed them food, which can be taken from a vending machine.

my friends deciphering how this vending machine works
For ₩1,000, the machine would vend out a cup filled with food for the deer.

To get the best experience, you should feed the deer with your bare hands! They just use their (sticky and slimy 😝) tongue to get the food, so you don't really have to worry getting bitten by them. Well, this is based on our experience of feeding them.

This was my first time seeing deer in real life, and I already got upclose and fed them! What an experience! Even the pidgeons were cautiously approaching us for food. I threw some of them on the ground, and they all happily obliged and ate them.

I felt like a disney princess that day. 👸

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