Ludo: A Boardgamer's Haven

October 01, 2017

After doing several visits at another boardgame place, me and my friends decided to try other places for a change of scenery. I've been hearing Ludo for quite sometime, and finally one weekend, we were finally able to visit the place!

We visited the branch at Jupiter, Makati. The first thing I noticed is the huge shelves of boardgame boxes! It was so amusing to look at each of the boxes, wondering what kind of game is inside it. Since I was not really familiar with all of them, I judged them by their box designs. 😅

The interior of the place was superb too. I loved those array of paintings. My friend told me it's actually based on a game.

#geeky decors 😀
Compared to the previous boardgame place we visited, I think Ludo has more selections. They also have some boardgames for sale, which is really cool especially if you got to like that boardgame you picked up from their shelves - you'll be able to get one for yourself!

So far, our boardgaming group have played Zombicide, Scoville, Jamaica, and Alhambra here.





Since all of the games were new to us, we spent an average of 30 minutes for each game learning the rules.

The food here at Ludo is also awesome! 

Wagyu Korean Beef is 😋
They have some unique drinks (of course I tried their green tea latte 💗), and I'll have to specially mention their butterscotch beer! 🍺It was soooo good! If you've always wondered what butterbeer tastes like, then go order this one when you go to Ludo! You're welcome! 😉

If you are a gamer and a foodie, I am sure you'll gonna love this place.

[Update: 25-Nov-2017]
I was able to visit their Timog Branch when me and my college friends had a get-together. It was smaller than the Jupiter branch, but basically it has the same interior design. We played there for 8 hours. We were able to play Takenoko, Betrayal at House on a Hill, and Tokaido.


Ludo BoardGame Bar & Cafe | Official Website

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