Never Say a Half-Hearted 'Yes'

September 06, 2017

So this is how it feels to be an organizer, and people back out of your plan.

Though I have organized "events" in the past, this is my first time to do one that involved a large group of people. I am beginning to realize that this kind of task is tough and requires a lot of pro-activeness to lead a group to a common goal.

It took me a lot of mental and emotional efforts to push this through, and it's just sad to realize that not everyone is in the same boat as with me.

Oh well, I guess I failed on doing my part as the leader, as people are starting to back out one after another. I guess that could be easily ignored in most situations, but I know those people know (I hope!) that the number of participants is actually very critical to this trip and that there's already the monetary aspect involved. 😖

Hmm I guess I can skip the monetary part. I think the harshest part of all is not telling me. So when were they planning to bail out? At the last minute? When everything is already in place and ready to go? 😡


Let it be known that the trust has already been broken. 💔

Anyway on a more positive note, I have to say I have a lot of takeaways from this experience, most especially with organizing events that need people's commitments:.

As an organizer:

  •  If possible, identify a minimum number of participants that you need to push the plan. Have a core group that 100% will attend.
  •  For the rest of the people that will say 'yes', just consider them all as pencil-booked. If this is not possible, reiterate to them that by saying yes, they are hard-committed to this trip. Tell them what will happen if they back-out (i.e. payments are non-refundable, etc.)
  • Get payments the earliest day possible.
  • Never leave the group because of personal schedule conflict (dude, you organized the event! 🙄)

As a participant:

  • Please don't say yes if you are not 100% sure to commit. 
  • If you are just saying yes because of peer pressure, fuck off. PLEASE. The organizer doesn't need to waste his/her efforts on people like you.
  • Ask yourself these questions: Rain or shine - will I come? If something conflicts my sched, will I prioritize this event over that? (unless of course if it's an emergency or a life/health-threatening situation).

I need to tell myself that well, this happens. Shit happens. Now, I'll just have to deal with things I have control of. I just have to charge everything to experience. Oh well, lesson learned, and one of that is realizing this kind of task is not suited for me.

I just hope this activity pushes through safely, and  that everyone would have a great time.

credits to owner (I tried googling but I can't find the original 😓)
I just had to place this photo here, because this captures the gloomy mode that I have as I typed this post. 

I'm still at the office.

It's already late at night.

I need to go home now.

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  1. Hi Kat! Just checking on you! I hope the activity turned out well! don't stress out much!


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