Book Hauling @ #MIBF2017

October 01, 2017

I didn't really plan going to this fair. I was feeling a bit under the weather for the past weeks so I thought I'd need to do something new aside from the work-home-work-home routine that I have during the weekdays. In addition to that, my colleagues were urging me to go out more to meet new people. I guess I really needed some change of scenery, and so just a day before the fair, I decided I'll go and check out books and stuff happening there.

I'm drawn towards books. I've always loved going to bookstores even though I didn't really have anything to buy in mind. In this age of technology for e-books, I'll always prefer a physical book. Nothing compares to the smell of the pages of a new book (I'm channeling my inner Hermione here 😜) and the feel of actually turning the pages as you read them. πŸ€“

I last attended this annual book fair in 2015. I knew this fair are popular among book readers and so I went to the fair on a Thursday because I wanted to avoid the crowd (which is ironic if I wanted to meet new people). Turned out it was the best day to actually visit! It was easier to navigate through the shelves because of the fewer people.

I had so much fun book window shopping (if that's the right term for that πŸ˜…)!

Aaah! I love this comic!

Of course, this got my attention.
I already read two of the titles so I didn't buy the set.

Ready Player One! I really enjoyed reading the book. I'm excited for the movie!
And it's sitting side-by-side with Train Man, another favorite book!

This book will always be a classic for me. Back in high school we were required to do a book report for this,
and we had to buy the book itself as part of the requirement. πŸ˜‘

Another favorite author. This book shelf view is making my heart giddy. πŸ’“

Of course who doesn't know C.S. Lewis' Narnia? This is some of his other works.

Do I still need to explain this? πŸ˜†


Another favorite book from a favorite author

I loved the Netflix series, but I haven't really actually read the book. I think I'll never will.

I loved the movie version of this!

love the minimalist covers πŸ’—

To make my visit to the book fair worthwhile, I retrieved my to-read list on my Goodreads account and checked which of them I would like to buy.

Here's my haul!

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There's this rush of happiness just by looking at my new books. To make sure that I would actually finish reading the books, I will be bringing a book with me everywhere. I actually have devised a book-reading routine which also involves discovering new places to hang out! I've already finished one book through this new habit! I'll share it on the blog soon. 😊

I think I'll be a regular in these book fairs. Reading can be addicting! πŸ€“πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

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