Adult Swimming Lessons: Learn How to Tread

January 27, 2018

I learned how to swim last year and now I am more comfortable being in the water. However, I knew I was still not satisfied with my skills. I still panic when I am in deep waters. I still didn't know how to tread.

Treading is a swimming skill used if you want to stay afloat vertically  when in deep waters. This is an essential skill especially when snorkeling or cliff diving. Through Facebook, I learned about the Survival Skills Program of Swim Central, a local swimming school. It's a two-day program focused on teaching students the technique to survive on deep waters. This was exactly what I was looking for so I signed up!

Swim Central does lessons in several swimming pool venues in Manila and the nearest one for me is Mares Philippines.

Half of the pool is 14 ft deep while the other half is 4 ft. I found out that there are also scuba diving lessons being held here. Coach Carlo facilitated the swimming lessons. During the first day, it was a one-on-one session, as it happened that I was the only student that registered for that schedule. This proved to be very advantageous for me because I learned a lot from that session. Aside from the treading sessions (fisherman or frog kick), coach Carlo also taught me how to recover from cramps when you are in the middle of the water, showed techniques on what to do when you get too tired from treading (do floating!) and even corrected my freestyle swimming form.

During my second day, there were four of us students. The objective for the second day is to teach the student how to move in deep waters. Coach taught two ways to swim : 1- hands: doggy style of swimming(not sure how to call it) + feet: flutter kick, 2- feet: frog kick. I found the first one to be more comfortable for me. I just need to still do some practice and improve my endurance because I got tired easily. 😅

I am very excited to apply these skills on my future water adventures. This is another bucketlist checked for me!


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  1. i do know how to swim but don't know how to thread the waters too! kainis eh!


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