Review: Panasonic NA F7 Automatic Washing Machine

June 06, 2021

Recently, I bought an automatic washing machine for use at home. When the idea was initially brought up by my sister, I thought it's just a luxurious expense and that it didn't really fit our lifestyle. Well, I didn't have any problems with manual washing, but I failed to consider the needs of my folks. They're not getting any younger, and doing the laundry had been a challenge for them physically for some time now 😅. And so when we learned later on that my titas in the province had one and that they attest to how convenient life was after getting it, we were convinced to also buy one for us. And as of this writing (two months later), that buying an automatic washing machine was a great decision that benefited everyone at home.

So with the goal already set in my mind, I immediately browsed through Abenson to check out the brands available, and I was pleased to know that there were items that fitted my budget. I ended up with buying the Panasonic NA F70S7HRM1. Of course, this was after watching a number of YouTube videos and blog posts about this product. This is also the reason why I'm writing this post - to pay it forward by giving information online for future buyers of automatic washing machines (hello readers, I hope you'll find this post useful)!

Within the same week upon ordering the item online, the machine arrived on our doorstep! This was really a convenient purchase, especially now during the pandemic wherein I was always reluctant to go out. Of course we were all excited to use the washing machine (😂). Although I had some experience with these (in hotels abroad, but those were the more expensive front load types), it still took a bit of learning curve for me to understand how this machine worked. My dad and I studied the manual well and did trial and errors with the different programs available in the machine.

So far, below are the features that I found really useful in this Panasonic washing machine:

  • Process selector. Aside from the preset programs, you can specifically select which process you want to operate on your clothes. There are three processes available: wash, rinse, and spin. With the process selector, you can do different combinations. The only selection not allowed is selecting rinse only. This configuration is useful because we still get to use our old washing machine for the washing process, then we just transfer the washed items to this machine for rinsing and spinning.
  • Water Level selector. It took some time for us to figure this one out. Again, thanks to the manual, we learned that this is the way to control how much water goes into the machine in the washing and rinsing cycle. There's just some programs wherein the water level is fixed (like Program 5: Blanket, which is 52L).
  • Very intuitive Programs configuration. This was really one of the main reasons why I chose this model (aside from the price of course lol). The buttons are user-friendly and easy to follow. If you don't really bother with specific settings, you can operate the machine with just pressing two buttons (Power and Start buttons, which starts the Program 1: Normal mode with the default settings). This is very helpful, especially for my mom whose not really techie. At least through this simple process, she won't get intimidated using it. 😅
There are just a few things about it that I'm not really a fan of:

  •  Mobility aspect. I didn't purchase the accessory roller so it would be a challenge to move this machine in case we'd need to do a general cleaning of the laundry area. 
  • Wash time and rinse time cannot be manually configured. Since the longest wash time available for all programs, excluding soak, is 15 minutes, heavily soiled clothes are not that thoroughly cleaned. So instead, we still opt to use our old washing machine, which has a maximum wash time of 45 minutes.
Overall, this was still a great purchase. I didn't realize how doing the laundry took most of my energy and time during the weekends. Today, I just set up the machine with a few presses of buttons, unload my laundry, and walk away. After around an hour, I go back and my clothes are ready to be hanged up for drying! Now, I have more time during the weekend to do other... household chores. 😂

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