Himalayan Salt Lamp: What's This Craze All About?

May 12, 2018

You might have heard about this already - this decorative lamp made of salt that has LOTS of health benefits? This is called the Himalayan Salt Lamp, which is actually not from the Himalayas. 😅

If you try to google this, a lot of sites will tell you that the Himalayan Salt Lamp (which is from a mine in Pakistan) has a lot of benefits, but I'll just mention two of them:

  • It purifies air of particles. The lamp is mostly made up of sodium chloride (salt), and we know how salt attracts water right? The lamp attracts water molecules, together with that are air impurities that can trigger allergens.
  • Improves sleep. Well honestly this one can be a case-to-case effect, as not all people would like any form of light when they sleep. But for most, low red light induces relaxation, and so the lamp can help in tuning your mind into a relaxed mood when going to sleep at night.

So far, I only know one friend who has one (and I haven't heard how it's working for him) so I don't really have proof if these benefits are true. But I guess as long as it improves my overall mental well-being, then I guess it's worth the purchase. I actually bought mine from the same seller my friend got his -- V&M Naturals. I've been eyeing their salt lamps recently (I'm experiencing another wave I guess, if you know what I mean) and today, I decided I'll purchase one.

Look how lovely it looks. 너무 예뻐요. 😍
The one I got was so heavy. I'm not sure how mine exactly weighed, but the range is 7-9 kilograms. I had to carry it in the mall all the way to the shuttle terminal. Good thing I was able to get it home in one piece. 😣

It's only been less than 5 hours since I got this lamp, but so far I am loving it! I liked the soft orange-ish glow it has. I had to rearrange my stuff to make room for the lamp, and I'm actually happy I did, because now I have this table beside the bed which I plan to make as my "zen area" with plants and scented candles! 💗

Let's see how this will go. Looking forward to a better mental state and relaxing nights ahead! 잘 자요!

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