Life Logs: Firsts, Searches, and a Look Back

May 13, 2018

It's been a busy week, and look, half of the year is close to being finished! I am really amazed how fast time can fly, right? There are lot of accomplishments and happenings that I wanted to share, and I'm writing them all here (coz I'm a loner and don't really have anyone to talk to IRL)

  • Chosen as a Wow Korean Supporter (again!). I joined this program 4 years ago and out of the blue this year, I decided to join again. Luckily I got chosen! It's a nice feeling that my devotion and love for the South Korean culture is recognized by its Tourism office itself! I'll do my best in promoting Korea on SNS! Yay!🎉
  • Did a staycation in the city. I'm not used to doing this actually. Three of us friends (hi Krishan and Hazel!) arranged that we do an overnight stay in an affordable hotel in the city. I said why not, plus it would be a great time to bond with them! We booked a Triple Deluxe Room at The Malayan Plaza Hotel. We paid via the Agoda site (which was another first for me). We were super glad we got this room because it was perfect for the three of us.

It was indeed a staycation. We spent most of the day watching movies on the TV and ordering fast food! We ordered pizza from Domino's, did some groceries in 7-eleven (there was one nearby), and bought dinner at Jollibee. #pigout We originally wanted to explore the area, but meh it's more enjoyable to just snuggle a pillow beneath the comfy sheets of the bed. 😂We just talked and shared our stories and life battlecries (and some gossip too). It's always nice to have conversations with these friends of mine. #GreatTimes #YouSeeASecondSelfInYourFriends

We swam in the pool in the afternoon. The hotel's pool was not that big, and because there were a lot of people swimming there also (mostly kids 😅), we weren't able to do laps as many as we wanted to. We tried some tricks Krishan was teaching us (like tumbling round in the water, which we were able to do!) so it was still fun. We ended the day with staying in our room again (eating our Jollibee dinner) and watching Filipino films on CinemaOne.

  • Watched a movie alone (for the second time). I'm already used to going to concerts alone, and it's just a similar experience when watching a movie. While everyone was going gaga over the Infinity Wars film, I went to the cinemas to see A Quite Place. I'm so glad that I did. It was a new experience watching that kind of thriller movie and for me it's best watched in the big screen together with other people (their reactions on some scenes were priceless).
  • Drove to the mall "unassisted". I'm still a newbie in terms of driving (I learned how to drive 4 years go). Since our trip to the province, I've become more confident driving around. So when my sister-in-law and niece came to our house for a visit, I told them I could drive them to the mall. It was my first time to bring the car to that mall, without my dad or brother to look after my driving. It was also my first time to go to a gas station to fill up the tank. #AnotherDrivingMilestone
  • Sold a ticket to a scalper. As a regular concert goer, I know how the scalper culture is slowly killing the concert industry. In our case, a friend couldn't make it to the concert, and he told us just a few days before concert day. Because of a number of circumstances, we weren't able to find another person to have the ticket instead. We were left with no choice but to sell it to a scalper at the venue an hour before the show began. I always see these scalpers when I go to a concert (discreetly asking people around if they have an extra ticket) but this is my first time to talk and do a transaction with them.
  • Biked around the whole village. I have been doing indoor cycling most of the time now (because I'm too lazy to get up early in the morning to go out and bike), but because our dogs accidentally got out of our gate one Saturday morning, I had to search around for them. During my first try, I was able to find one dog across the street, of which I guided back to our house (in fairness when our dog saw me, he just followed me on my bike). The second one, our newer dog, was the harder one to find. I biked along all streets of our subdivisions, even the neighboring ones and sweeped every corner hoping to see our dog roaming around. Early morning the following day, I also biked around but still didn't see him. We all assumed he was already taken by a neighbor. For the weekdays that passed, I went home early and biked around hoping to find our dog. Three days already passed actually. Finally on the fourth day upon arriving home from work, I tried my luck again and wandered around on my bike. Just as I was giving up and already on my route back to our house, I saw our dog walking and sniffing on the side of the road in a street on our neighboring subdivision! I stopped my bike and approached our dog. He recognized me instantly, even jumped to me. I immediately noticed that he got thinner. 😢I walked my bike to our house with our dog walking beside me. My parents were happy to see our dog again. I'm so happy we got him back. 💗
  • Discovered a Korean drama on Youtube. It was by accident that I discovered this Youtube series (it was one of the suggested videos I think). It was a fresh approach on the complicated issues of young love. Sometimes I feel sad because I will never get to experience that, but then again I knew I wasn't really into any of these during that time (it was taboo for me and I had to prioritize my studies first). 😅

  • Got back to studying 한국어. This has been part of my personal goals for the past quarters now, but because of one thing and another, I still was not able to achieve the milestone that I wanted on my studying timeline. Just this week, I attempted to enroll to the Elementary Korean classes offered by the Korean Cultural Center (KCC). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snatch a slot. The classes were very high in demand, with slots getting filled up seconds after the registration link gets posted in Facebook. 😡So I told myself I'll just continue self-studying until I finish Level 4 of the Talk To Me in Korean (TTMIK) books that I bought. I'll be inserting Korean sentences on my posts here and there, just to practice my skill of constructing sentences. 화이팅!!

These are the little things that I experienced/accomplished for the past few months. It's kind of therapeutic for me to write these things on the blog. After all, this site is my online journal anyways. 😊

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  1. hahahaha! natatawa ko sa transact with a scalper! anyway, nice job, Kath! i love that you were chosen as a Wow Korean Supporter! happy for you!


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