Getting Close and Personal with OPM Artists #GMAPlaylistAct3

July 22, 2018

Last week, I was given this unique opportunity to attend a GMA Network event entitled GMA Network Playlist Act 3: A Thanksgiving Jamming Session. It is the network's avenue to present fresh and trending artists in the music scene. It was my first time to do so, and honestly it was intimidating at first. However since the event exactly caters my taste (live music wohoo!), I grabbed my trusty Lumix camera and braved the rains and traffic and traveled due north to the event's venue - Cities Events Place in Quezon City. I was really curious how things would go.

I arrived early at the venue, and lucky for me I was able to catch artists Top One Project and Mika dela Cruz do rehearsals before the show.

Mark, from the GMA Social Media Team, introduced me to the other bloggers invited in the event: John of KumagCow and Alan of StarsPhotog Vidz, then sat on one area near the stage. It was actually entertaining to look and observe the media staff while they were busy arranging all the camera and other equipment.

After a few minutes, the cameras started to roll, and the show officially started!

Hosts for the night! (I wasn't able to get all their names 😖, but I'm pretty sure it's Maricris Garcia on the far left and the guy on the center is a Radio DJ)
It was an intimate stage, with around 100 people in the crowd. It was the 3rd year anniversary of the GMA Playlist Act show and to commemorate this, a short clip with all the artists that have ever performed on the show was showed on screen.

The first artist to perform was Gracenote.

It was my first time to hear this band. Apparently they've been around the local scene for more than 5 years now. It was rather amusing because I actually heard them over the radio on my way to the event. Their music is under the synco-pop-punk-electro-rock genre. In their interview over the radio, they mentioned that one of their musical influences is Paramore, which I think could really be heard in their music.

Gracenote being interviewed by the hosts
I was invited as a blogger/media, and apparently we were expected to interview the artists (hmmm what?). I was not at all ready, so I just followed the cues of my seniors in the field. Together with Alan and John, I went backstage to see the other performers to do some interviews. Because of this, I wasn't able to catch the other artists sing on stage (which was the part I was mostly looking forward to 😭).

We were able to catch JBK, Hannah Precillas, Top One Project, Mika dela Cruz, TALA, and Leanne & Naara (videos to be posted soon!). It was indeed an interesting experience, as I got to know those artists more through these interviews. I somehow was able to get the hang of asking questions. It just felt like I was at the office interviewing an applicant for our team. 😅

Members of Top One Project posing after our interview
After the series of interviews, we went back to the music stage to watch some more of the performers. I was able to catch JBK and Maricris Garcia

Julie Anne San Jose was queued to perform also that night, but unfortunately I was not able to catch it as I had to leave the venue early. 😐

Attending this event is very interesting indeed because of a number of things: first, I was able to know new local artists by seeing them perform live; second, I got to go out of my shell and actually initiate conversations (yas!); and three, I got to do interviews! As an introvert, this is such an achievement. 👍 During the interviews, I just can't help but be at awe of how spontaneous John and Alan were in throwing out questions. It was just amazing. They make the interviewees feel comfortable and just run the conversations very free flowing. I sure did took a lot of notes that night. 🤓

I've always looked up to musicians, so I'm very happy I actually got to meet several of them that night. Listen to some of the artists that played that night through this Spotify playlist!


This blog made it possible for me to attend this event, and I am very thankful. Although I know I am actually out of place in the field of bloggers who really focus on music and entertainment, I am very happy to help to make this site an outlet to promote our local artists. Here's to more music events in the future!

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