Book Reads: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (by JK Rowling) [☝]

July 30, 2018

I have entered the wizarding world again recently (started from book 1 again, and as of writing I am at book 4), and boy what an adventure it has been! It still is a joy reading the story of Harry Potter. I've attempted to do a reread back in 2013 although I stopped, but out of nowhere, I suddenly had the urge to read the HP series again.

It's been years since I read PoA and each chapter that I finished on the book brought back happy memories. I almost forgot why this book is my favorite among this series. For me GoF was the turning point to the darker plots of the series, and so PoA is the book where everything was still relaxed and happy. And this is the book where Harry met Sirius, his godfather! 

I realized I have forgotten a number of subplots in the series. I had to refresh my mind while I was reading, which I found fascinating because it was as if I was reading the story for the first time again. I recalled the joy I felt when Harry got his Firebolt, the heartwarming conversations he had with Professor Lupin, and of course the adrenaline rush when Harry and Hermione used the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak and Sirius in the end.

I am very well enjoying this revisit to the Harry Potter world. I discovered a lot of subplots that made more sense that I know the plot of the book as a whole. I am actually looking forward to rereading books 6-7 because honestly there were a lot of things I didn't really understand during my first read. I think I will be boring my nose inside HP forums to discuss theories and other unresolved conspiracies in the story. #potterheadactivated 🤓

So I guess this is what will keep me busy for the next few months to come. 

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